Did you ever wish you were cloned? — 35 Comments

  1. Sending big hugs from Florida. FINALY got to read this tonight but glad to know Javid is better and your doing better also!! After following you so many years I just want you to know that those of us out here in cyber land care so much about ya’ll!

  2. Try and slow down a bit Jackie….your health is important and I wouldn’t like to see you have any problems from all the stress and pressure that life can bring. GOD HEAL YOUR SON!!!!! ❤ judy

    • Can’t really do that, this time of the year. But I will try. Javid is doing well; the infection seems to be gone and he’s feeling good.

  3. Prayers for your son and blessings for rest of you so that you can get what you need done. God Bless Jackie, I know you are frazzled so take care of yourself.

    • Thank you for your prayers. Javid is doing great and we’re plugging along steadily.

  4. Oh I have to try some of those tomatoes next year! Lovely! I bet they taste good too!

    Guess what I dug up some of the dead potato plants and YOU WERE RIGHT!! There are potatoes under there after our terrible attack of potato larvae! I was so excited. We ate them already!! Thank you for the advice!

    So now that the Farmers Almanac has laid out their prediction for winter what are your beavers saying?

    Love your pictures!!!

    • They DO taste good! I’m so glad you got potatoes. Our beavers haven’t told us anything yet. I almost doubted them this spring when they built huge dams, indicating dry weather coming. Then we got rain, rain, rain! But then it went into drought. And they needed all the water they’d stored up. Pretty smart, after all. I won’t doubt them again.

  5. I remember wishing for a clone (or two) of me when I was farming etc. Prayers for all your family during this frantic time. Peace be with you all.

  6. You are such a blessing to everyone, prayers and thoughts for you and your family.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to share…harvest season is always amazing! Praying for Javid and his doctors. Blessings to all.

    • We are simply amazed at our gardens this year. Thank you for your prayers. Javid is doing very well.

    • I’m glad you like Barry’s Crazy Cherries. Did you ever see so many flowers and tomatoes on one plant before???? They are simply…CRAZY!

    • Thank you for your prayers! Javid is feeling a lot better. I wish you were here to help can; it would be so much fun!

  8. My prayers to you and Javid as well, Jackie. May God send his healing touch to Javid’s body and His Holy Spirit send peace and calm to you and your family.

    • Thank you for your prayers! Javid is much, much better and we are back to “normal” again.

  9. Prayers for positive healing & speedy recovery sent for Javid. ALSO, prayers being sent up for YOU, JACKIE, for PEACE WITHIN & STRENGTH TO ENDURE all that is placed upon you during your time of need.

    • Thank you for your prayers. Javid is feeling much better. And we are feeling less stressed. See, prayers DO work!

    • Thank you for your prayers. Javid is feeling much better and I’m back in the normal groove.