I was whining about rain? Okay, now we have four inches of snow! — 18 Comments

    • Yup, it seems like that! The beavers are saying lots of snow and cold this winter, too.

  1. Not a fan of snow…or ice for that matter lol…it was 90* up to last week; then we started cooling off…walking into work today at a wet rainy 56….gotta love OHIO weather…we never know from day to day what were going to get ??? Thanking God my husband has had the wood stove going now for about 4 days…the older I get…the more I hate the cold…those peppers look fab….I may have to place me an order for those
    Have a great day,!!!

  2. Cold here southern Wisconsin no snow but excess rain. Nearly all the field crops are yet to be harvested. We can’t get into the fields. One son got an 8 point buck with his bow. Garden clean up has been delayed. Extreme weather has been the norm. The larder is full and we’ll adapt. Stay warm.

    • Congratulations to your son! I hear you about not being able to get into the fields. Will still has some big round bales on a field you can’t even drive a tractor on. Gotta wait till it freezes. Yep, our larder is full too and we still have a beef to harvest and hunting season starts in November so…..

  3. Over here in Aus. we are hoping for rain. With much of the country in drought, it looks to be a difficult growing season. Oh, and Jackie, thanks for keeping my spirits up, I will be hoping for more of Jess Hazzard in the….fullness of time.

  4. Here in Canada, Alberta got snow the 2nd week of September! Fall has been non existent for much of the prairies. I’m on a gulf island in BC and we’re having a stretch of beautiful warm sunny weather.The dips and turns in the Gulf Stream is apparently causing all these weird weather patterns
    Hope the snow melts soon so you can finish your jobs before winter sets in for good!

    • Our snow is going fast but it’s still raining daily. Boo hoo. But sun’s forecast for this coming week. Yea!!!

  5. I’ve been unable to get into the garden to clear it off and/or harvest what’s left (not much!) because of constant rains. I keep hoping we’ll get a break so I can get support posts pulled before the ground freezes. Miserable about describes this fall…well actually it pretty much describes the entire growing season here. It was so wet I never was able to till the garden so just dug holes to stick plants in or made a row in the mud to plant seeds. Farmers are hurting because they’re unable to get into the fields to harvest without equipment bogging down.

    • Yep, here too. We still have round bales out in the field and all of the tomato cages and steel posts have to be pulled yet. Hopefully, next week the forecast will prove true; sunny and fifty! You can bet we’ll be hard at work.

  6. Oh boy, you are right! You WILL recall this fall! Here in Iowa we have rain for weeks now and snow frosting predicted for tonight and Sunday night. Where did our Fall go?!!

    • Far, far away I think. It turned winter early. So we just have to suck it up and deal with what we have.

  7. Hi Jackie
    Sorry to hear about your early snowfall!
    Have a quick question. In my seed order I received wild plum seeds. They’ve been in my fridge for about a month. When should I plant them, this fall or next spring?

    Thank you!