Our full moon was a “snow moon” — 5 Comments

  1. You’re right about giving good service I could not believe it I ordered some seats and you turn right around and send them right back
    When I decide to ask for the catalog because there are so many different tomatoes that I’m trying to experiment with. again I cannot believe it as it was instantly in the mail to me. Thank you

  2. We also enjoyed the full moon. It is just right to go for a walk at night and see a totally different scene than what you see in the daylight. Watching the deer clean up under the bird feeder is even magical.

    • I even love the sounds of such a night! Maybe an owl hooting in the woods, the squeak of snow underfoot or the last sounds of birds settling in for the night.

  3. Jackie, I am reliving my life as a young man through your experiences, particularly the last couple of entries. I can remember more than once staying up all night waiting for cows the birth, having to pull calves in the middle of the night and bringing in frigid calves and lambs into the house to warm them up. Your gruesome experience of the chickens being slaughtered reminds me of the occasions when a single mink, our place was near a mink farm, would escape and kill thirty hens in one night, very frustrating and sad. But I also remember dispatching the marauder with a single shot as they are very protective of their kill. But you know, staying up all night, changing irrigation water in the middle of the night( I live in Utah where farm crops don’t do well without irrigation)having animals die you didn’t want too, hauling hay by hand (8,000 plus bales), weeding, cleaning ditches are all now good memories and ones I cherish. Our place was sold and I went a different direction, kinda sad I did, but I did. Anyway thanks I love reading your posts.

    • I’m glad I was able to bring back good memories for you, Larry. It’s funny how those memories, at the time, don’t seem so fond…but then, years later, you realize they were priceless.