Whew, have we ever been busy! — 18 Comments

  1. This time of year things sure start to pick up. We’re waiting and watching our cattle, too.
    I was wondering if you ever spoke to gardening groups. I run a coffeehouse in Meadowlands and would like to have a gathering of gardeners this month. I would love if you would agree to speak to us. But..I know you’re busy. Could you let me know one way or the other? Thanks so much.

  2. Oh Jackie, i thought that my husband and I were the only ones “hollering” during times of stress. No more guilt. Your lives sound amazing, I can barely imagine, sounds like something from a novel. I love reading about it. Still hot here and so many grasshoppers, caterpillars and thrips consuming my vegetables, a really tough season but not life threatening like yours. Take care and best wishes for an undisturbed sleep soon.

  3. “Lesson learned”…I caught that. We are in central North Dakota and 25 years ago our neighbors were all starting to calve in February and March. Frozen ears, tails, pneumonia and losses. Now most are starting to calve in April and May. Fewer losses, easier on the ranchers and the weights at sale time are not that different. The early ones burned a lot of feed trying to stay warm and live. Now they hit the ground and start growing. The days are longer (more light) it is warmer and it will be easier on the two of you!

    • Yep. We’d borrowed a young bull and figured he’d done his “thing” which would put our calves born in May-June. Well, he hadn’t! So instead, he bred them so they’d calve NOW. From now on, we’ll sure pg check and keep the bull away from the cows in the early, early spring. No more winter calves for us!

  4. I had to laugh a little, at one point we had 3 calves in the house ! This was a few years ago and of course a repairman was at the house ….

    • Wow, three is some kind of record I think! Once we had two, one in the bathtub (with blankets) and another in the living room. It’s okay until they start feeling frisky. Ninja started bucking and trying to nurse under Will’s seed counting table so he had to go!

  5. Wow what a time you’ve had! The new calf is beautiful. Hope things calm down for you two soon! Thanks for the update.

  6. My heaven, what an awful time. Wind, or blizzard, or -29 is bad enough, but all 3 at once must have been a nightmare. You worry about the animals with frostbite, but what about you? You make us realize how lucky we are not to be going through the same situations and we also learn from your experiences. Take care of yourselves.

    • Well, let’s see; your last frosts would probably be around June 10th or thereabouts, I think. So figure 8 weeks back from that; which would be May 10th. But I really like them a bit older so I’d add a couple more weeks on to that. Probably May 1st or so?

      • Duh! I just read what I’d written and boy my math is wrong, wrong. I meant April 1st. Sorry if I confused anyone. I didn’t catch it fast enough

  7. you folks never stop. i look forward to reading about your ‘adventures’. i admire you all so much.

    • You probably wouldn’t have admired us so much when we were both frozen, worried about the calf and were hollering at each other! Yep, we’re human too.