Our last winter calf has been born — 4 Comments

  1. I’m so happy you love our seeds. They’re kind of like our children, going far away, all on their own. Our peppers are coming up gangbusters. Only four more varieties to go and a couple of seedlings are showing us their little tender backs. So they’ll POP soon! It seems more like spring REALLY will come to see them.

  2. Midnight is gorgeous!! I may have missed this in one of your earlier posts, but are you getting the expected male/female ratio you wanted with all the new calves?
    It was 29 degrees here in San Antonio this morning, but it’ll be near 80 by Friday. Our ‘winter’ comes in spurts!

    • Unfortunately we lost the bull calf Will wanted so badly due to his breeding. But so far we have two bull calves which will be steers soon, and one heifer. Not bad. And we have more cows to calve during warmer weather. So hopefully we’ll have a bunch of babies bouncing around the pastures come summer. Wow! 29 to 80 is quite a swing. But then we’re supposed (yeah, sure!) to hit 32 on Sunday. We’ll see…..

  3. This winter will pass – or so they tell me! It has been brutal here in SW Iowa too. I love your seed/garden notes. I built a hoop house a year or two ago, and love to know how you use yours, and when you put things out, etc. Your onion seeds I got from you are all up and doing great! Thanks so much for the seeds.