My sister and I took a birding expedition — 9 Comments

  1. Jackie, I noticed in a few posts back that it looked like you only plant about 3 of each variety of tomato. Is that correct? We have 3 nice greenhouses and grow for a 10 day long plant sale. We grow lots of each variety, but keep about 5-10 of each except the cherry style. We grow at least 115 to 130 plants year. How many varieties do you grow and how many total plants do you end up with? It seems like even with as many tomatoes as we grow we never seem to get through a whole year without having to buy V8, or other tomato products!

  2. Happy you got to go out with your sister! Also I’m very happy you saved your bull. That’s so scary! Spring is here in Superior thankfully. We live a little south of there on 40 acres and thankfully we live on a ridge so no flooding. All the rivers and streams that go into Lake Superior are flooding, lots of closed side roads. This happens frequently so no suprises….

    • When I see pictures of all the flooding, country-wide, I’m so thankful we live on a big gravel ridge, way above our creek and ponds!

    • We are so thankful, too. Especially when we think how we came so close to missing his problem. If Will would have watered the stock an hour earlier, he would not have seen him until it was too late.

  3. Happy Spring, Jackie. Glad you got to take a few hours away from the homestead. Nothing like getting away with a sister even if for a few hours. A break and new scenery is always a good thing. Time to refresh your mind and body. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Happy Spring to you, Deborah! Yep, a little break is a good thing, no matter how much we love our homestead.