Spring has sprung — 9 Comments

    • Doesn’t that dissolve the cup? I’ll give it a try although it’s pretty easy to just cross off the old names…. I do hundreds.

      • Hey Kevin, I tried your tip. The good news is that the rubbing alcohol doesn’t dissolve the cup. The bad news is the alcohol didn’t touch the permanent marker’s writing on the Styrofoam cups.

  1. The crains are migrating. You can hear them at night, flying high and fast dodging the small storms that keep coming our way.

    • Cool! We have had a pair of Sandhill Cranes nesting on our creek bottom for several years now. I can’t wait to hear them come home!

  2. Hi Jackie! I look forward to your blog every week! Love reading about your experiences. How do you decide when the tomatoes are ready for transplant? Thanks!

    • Thanks Angie! I usually transplant my tomatoes when they have two sets of leaves; their “baby” leaves and the first set of true leaves which are notched.

  3. Yes, we have lots of birds out,robins,cardinals,geese, giving us hope spring WILL get here soon! Lol!

    • Ah! That’s so great. We had a pair of Canadian geese flying up the creek and landing on the puddles on the ice of our small beaver pond. I’m WATCHING for everyone else.