It’s been a busy week — 12 Comments

  1. Ah spring in northern Minnesota! We are in the 5-7 inch range, but I have been so enjoying being able to see at least small patches of the yard. Just as long as our daughters prom is not canceled this weekend we will be good. Pretty dresses with winter coats and boots!

    • Yup, it’s like my oldest daughters going trick or treating as ballerinas and fairies….in snowmobile suits!

  2. In December, we got 60 baby chicks and had them in the basement for about a month and a half until they were big enough to put in the coop. Cleaning out there cage was a constant thing or the smell was to much. They all survived with heat lamps and a well insulated coop once outside.

    • Yep. Unfortunately we are off grid so heat lamps are out of the question but we’re putting them out tomorrow as it’ll be in the fifties with thirties at night. They’re over a month old so should do fine.

  3. wish you luck. love how you cheer your family on. hope we all have a good summer if not spring.

  4. I, too, have been watching that big, cold front. Creeping its way to the northern tier of the states. Lots of snow and cold.
    I was thinking you guys just dont need anymore bad weather.
    Hang in there and be safe.

    • Thanks Jacquie! We were fine as were our critters. I transplanted the last of our peppers and tomatoes during the “blizzard” and baked peanut butter cookies. Baking always cheers me up!

  5. Years ago we started some chicks in a spare bathroom tub! The last few batches we brooded in a 150 gal plastic water tub in the green house. Mostly we could shut down the generator during the day if it was sunny. (We’re off grid) One year we had a mid May snow storm and had to run the green house wood stove for a couple days. I’ve seen your comming storm called a “Bomb cyclone” in two sources and some areas are supposed to get 20″!

    • Yeah, that term “bomb cyclone” is a new one. We used to call it our April snow. I guess “bomb cyclone” sounds more dramatic…. We only got a little over a foot and that’s about all melted off and fifties (above!) tomorrow.

  6. One has to make hay as the sun shines as the saying goes. I always have to look twice as David is no longer little – I remember pictures of him in the magazine from years ago.

    Always nice to have time and/or money when a bargain/good deal presents itself. Necessity makes a poor bargain.

    Have you considered San Marzano tomatoes for your catalog?

    • Yes, I also remember that little guy! What a big guy he’s become. And lots of help too. I’m so proud of all my “kids”! All work hard, have a good life, don’t do drugs or get drunk and are pleasant to those around them. It’s all I can ask.
      I’ve grown San Marzanos before and really like the paste tomatoes we are now growing even better. Choosing which varieties to offer in the catalog is sometimes very hard!