We woke up to an inch of snow this morning — 9 Comments

  1. Nice plants. Here the weather in southern Wisconsin has been challenging. Rain, rain, rain. Slowly I’m getting the plants hardend off. I did plant potatoes, peas and onions mid April and so far only the onions are doing well. I haven’t seen any potato/pea plants breaking through the ground. All the calving is done with good results this year. Each year/season is different and calls for adaptation. I look forward to some sunshine. I told all my grandchildren I don’t want any of them complaining of being too hot after the winter we had. What is the corn you have drying that is in the pictures?

    • Yep, we’ve had the rain, rain, snow, rain thing too. Ugh! I’ve got volunteer peas coming up from where we tilled our old vines in last fall but I haven’t planted anything outside yet. We did have a nice heifer born Saturday though. The corn is (yellow) Seneca Sunrise sweet corn. The colored corn is Painted Mountain on L and Spotted Big Horse to the R.

  2. Hi Jackie

    Its Monica in Ottawa – just realized I could leave you a comment – there’s a package on its way to you – so sorry….


    • I’m glad you discovered the comment function of the blog. Now I’m curious as to what’s coming…..

      • It’s just a small envelope smaller than the package you sent that had the seeds

        Did it come yet?

  3. Our weather has been weird this year. We had a very warm March (for interior Alaska) but the April night lows stayed in the low 20’s and teens so I’ve had to cover the flats of beets and cole plants I put in the hoop house to make room every night. I’m transplanting my tomatoes to pots and grow bags in the green house as they are about 16″ tall so I’ll have to run the wood stove on colder nights and use the propane heater if it’s borderline. I have found that up here you gain more extending the season in the spring because we have the light now 5am to 10pm and gaining 7 minutes a day. I transplant my provider beans through IRT plastic into the hoop house. Will start beans next week.

    • It’s been weird here too. Last night it was 23 degrees! And it’s MAY. Our house wood stove is burning merrily too. Grump, grump, grump! We, too, gain more in the spring; not as much as you but here it’s light at 6 and dark about 9 so we’re getting there! But here’s hoping we’ll eventually get SPRING!!!

  4. Your plants look great!! Yes our weather is this up and down business. Now we are heading toward 60 so hope it stays!!!

    Have a great time at Grandparents day! Cindy

    • It didn’t stay. Boo hoo. Snow today! But it was nice on Grandparents’ Day. I went down to the grandkids’ school program and even won an African Violet door prize.