Yesterday we were doing cow chores. I got the gates for Will to haul round bales to the cows. Then I went out through the very mucky, rained on mud/manure and chased the mule out of the cow yard, back over the fence board she’d knocked off. She cooperated, hopping right back out. Bad girl! Then Will and I lag bolted the plank back on and added another, making the fence higher. Hopefully that will keep the horse and mule out of the cow’s area. They could hurt the new heifer, born just a week ago as she’s still kind of stupid about going up to strange critters. We went back through the muck and when I went to close the gate, it came off the top hinge. I was kind of stuck in the mud and struggled to free myself and hold the gate straight. Finally, Will got it back on and I closed the gate.

Ladyhawk and Domino had escaped the horse pasture, and I knew the bad spot in the fence so went and loaded up four steel T-posts on the four wheeler while Will brought over two welded wire stock panels. I got the animals in the right pasture with a bucket of grain, then pounded in the four posts, and wired the panels to them and the existing posts. But it was raining and I was getting wet. When I came home I took off my jacket, then took everything out of my pockets. It was then I discovered I had no wallet! Oh crap! Will thought he’d seen it in my pocket earlier so we set out to backtrack everywhere I’d been. Was it buried in the cow manure? How about the deep muddy horse tracks by the bad spot in the fence? We looked and looked for about three hours then came back to the house to re-group. I was getting kind of desperate by then.

Will remembered it wasn’t today he saw the wallet as I had on my jacket all the time. Okay, I started to pray like mad. where was it then? Suddenly I had a thought; I’d only lost it out of my rear jeans pocket two other times. Both times I’d been driving the Ford 660 tractor, once grading the driveway and once raking hay. Yesterday I’d been grading the driveway. Could it be? The last time I’d found it miraculously balanced across the hydraulic fittings. Please God, please? I walked out to look and there was my wallet, hanging on the fittings of the tractor! Talk about a true miracle. It had happened not once, but twice. If you knew how bumpy our driveway is, between rocks and potholes, which I’d been working for two hours to fill, you’d know what a miracle it was that the wallet hadn’t fallen off. Thank you, thank you! (God must have a lot of farmer angels!) I’m still amazed. And, yes, next time I use that tractor, you can bet I’ll leave the wallet at home.

After hours of searching I found my wallet precariously balanced on a fitting on our tractor.

Our daffodils and tulips are coming up nicely now. Even though it snowed half an inch last night. Oh well, maybe it’s the last snow for the spring? We sure hope so. I’m still waiting for hummingbirds and orioles to show up. I’ve got the feeders, oranges, and grape jelly waiting. Come on birds!

Even after snow last night, our daffodils and tulips are coming up nicely.

— Jackie


  1. I lost a set of keys in the hayfield once. What were the odds of finding them in all those acres of tall grass? I looked for a long while to no avail, and yet it wasn’t a minute after a short prayer and there they were! God is indeed good!

  2. Prayer has helped me many times find something I had “misplaced”. My tulips and daffodils are still in bloom here in lower southern MI, about 1 hour from Indiana border and it has been raining almost every day for the last 2 weeks with a couple of sunny days here and there.

    • I guess we have better weather than down south where there’s so much flooding so we can’t complain. Our sun is finally out for several days. Hooray!

  3. Great story! Yes! The Lord has saved my bacon more times than I can count. So many blessings I don’t deserve!!
    What a day that was on the farm! Sounds like a game of “whack-a-mole”!! Glad it turned out good. Thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you Jackie for sharing that story, I do believe in prayer, He has helped me find things many times!

  5. God also protects us from some of the vicious storms that come our way and also from some of the BIG four-legged beasts we have to deal with. He is most certainly a good and gracious God.

    • Let’s all of us think and pray for those affected by the awful flooding in the country right now. (And don’t forget those two legged beasts that are out there too. I’m more scared of them than any animals going.)

  6. I’m a believer for sure. Love your wallet story. I’ve had a few similar ones. The hard part is to slow down, be quiet, and listen to where He is telling us to look. Thanks for sharing that. It made me smile.

    • You’re right. Our first instinct is to rush here and there in a frenzy instead of sitting down and listen.

  7. And we don’t even realize all the extra help we get along our way, either. Blooming Punta Bandas? Mine are still eight inches tall, inside. Ha ha

  8. I certainly believe in prayer! That said why are you carrying your wallet on a farm that’s more than a mile off the road. I’ve taken to carrying mine in a zipper pocket of my vest when I get in the truck. Fortunately we don’t yet have storm troopers that could appear anywhere demanding “Papers please!” At least not yet. Glad you found it.

  9. Praise God for another miracle. Glad you only had an inch of snow. In Duluth, MN we had about 6 inches at our house which was very wet and heavy. Today we still have a blanket of snow that is melting.

  10. Why yes, prayer has often been answered in such a way… A thought pops into your head where to look or go, and voila! He has answered many other prayers as well. He has been very good to me and my family. Feel very blessed. I always remember to say “Thank-You!”

    • And for everyone who uses it regularly. (I’ve had to realize all answers are not “yes” though.)

  11. God is my strength and salvation. I talk to Him many times a day. As for the wallet—amazing.

    • Yep! What a wonderful Friend to rely on. And I’m sure that wallet wouldn’t “just” have stayed balanced there without Someone’s hand on it.

  12. What a blessing! God is good and cares even about the”little things” or big ones too in our lives. I’m so glad you were able to find it.

    • I agree, Sis. It’s funny how some of those little things seem so BIG at times, isn’t it? I’m not talking about life and death here…just major inconvenience.

  13. Planting tomatoes tomorrow. Losing a wallet or keys is the worst. Glad your tractor saved the day….twice. treat it nice and change the oil it deserves it.

  14. Believe? Oh yes. Cannot count the times that prayer has saved us, even when we didn’t know til much later. God is good, all the time. Thanks for sharing.BTW, it’s 80s here most days, your providers and punta bandas are blooming here.thanks for sharing those too.

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