Okay, so it’s only -6 degrees but that’s okay. With the sun shining brightly, our solar panels are charging like mad, and it actually feels warmer than it is. What a huge improvement over the dreary, cloudy, cold days we’ve been having. The critters are all surviving the cold well, although I’m sure they’re not happy about it. I gave the chickens two bales of wood shavings before the cold snap hit and that sure helps keep them warmer during the day as does the big window to the East. Lots of early morning solar gain there, for sure.

Remember flowers? Here’s one of my fancy daylilies.

Wow, only two more weeks until Christmas! This month seems to be flying by as we’ve been so busy.

Remember green stuff like this hay Will’s cutting?

I’ll have to get busy and start surfing the Seed Savers Yearbook and jotting down some more new varieties for us to trial this next spring. We are growing some of the squash we tried this year, namely Sweet Fall, Theron’s Winter, and Orange Buttercup. All of these did so well. Theron’s was huge and unique looking, not to mention very productive. While updating our website and seed catalog, I pored through lots of photos of different things we grew and I was stunned by the colors. So I’m sharing a few with you now so you can get enthused about the coming year. After all, winter can only last so long. Right?

Remember green peppers? Everything grew huge for us this past summer like this King of the North bell pepper.
Think spring!

— Jackie


  1. Spring/garden season is what gets us all through the winter – well those of us who actually have winter that is. Enjoy the breather between T-day and Xmas. I thought we had a lot of food for T-day and now the Xmas menu has even more! A local organization sells hams at Xmas so we always buy one. Between that, turkey, beef, and all the other dishes, anyone who goes hungry has no one to blame but him/herself. But nothing wrong with sharing leftovers with family. Enjoy the holiday as there is nothing better than good food and good company.

    • Amen to that, Selena. We always enjoy such a bounty on the table at holidays, nearly all, right from our homestead. And that makes it especially wonderful. And all those “leftovers”? Hey I don’t have to cook for days!!

  2. Jackie,

    Love your blog. Hopefully the winter isn’t beating you up to much. Tried sending a email to the jackieclay2007@yahoo for the seed catalog and was rejected, what is a good address or phone number to request A seed catalog mailer.


    • Gee Bill, maybe that was just a glitch. I get plenty of e=mails to that address every day. Did you add the .com? Sometimes computers can be beasts about having everything “perfect”. If you try again and still can’t get it, call me at (218) 780-4902 and we’ll get you a catalog. They should be at the printer in about a week and it’ll come right from there directly. Sorry about that.

  3. Will you be sending the seed treasures catalog out to those who bought from you last year ? Or do we have to request?

    • We send catalogs to everyone who bought from us for the last 2 years, automatically. (But there’s always a chance of a glitch so if you don’t get your catalog within about 3 weeks, give me a poke and I’ll be sure you get one!) Thank you.

  4. I am thinking spring and about planting the seeds l got from you. Stay warm and have a very merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • And to you! I know when I saw these photos, I threw off the winter blahs and looked forward to spring!

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