Of course it’s been a zoo around here, getting ready for Christmas, but on Sunday, Will and I took awhile off to drive “around the block” so to speak. We wanted to take a look at the logging site across the creek. Boy, was that impressive. Huge trucks, delimbers, slashers, and fuel tanks. And a whole lot of bare naked land. Okay, there are some trees left standing. Our century-old white pines that we didn’t want cut are still standing. And there are also a few scattered groves of ash, balsam, and other trees, but it’s pretty bare. However, there is going to be a ton of left-over firewood. Already Will has fired up the Case crawler-loader and started plowing a road in the snow, heading over there. He shoved lots of snow into the creek, which is both shallow and quite narrow, especially during the winter, to make an ice bridge. When it freezes over, he’ll keep on shoving out a road until he can access the logging site with the tractor and log trailer. We’re looking forward to that so we can begin hauling some of that wood home when the loggers finish up.

There was lots of BIG equipment over across the creek!
It was pretty bare over there, but we know in 15 years, it will be woods again.

I’ve been wrapping presents and baking up a storm too. I just have to make a cheesecake and some spritz cookies and decorate the cut out cookies — but that’s fun!

There is lots of baking going on here at home.

Tomorrow it’ll just be Will, David, and me unless our friend, Tom, can join us for supper. A quiet day will be pretty welcome, actually. So I’d like to wish you all happiness in the coming year and a very merry Christmas! — Jackie


  1. Merry Christmas Jackie and Will. I created blocks of wood painted and ribboned to look like presents for giving as Christmas decorations. Family has been collecting these as I give them. Isn’t Christmas a fun season?

  2. Jackie, seems you have been part of my family forever. I just bought MY OWN acre in the country with a doublewide home in place with lots of outbuildings. Can’t wait to get started making it more self-reliant with your help. As I don’t have internet set up yet, I have to use the internet at work right now.

  3. Christmas is such a beautiful time as we reflect on the birth of Christ. Wishes to you and your family for a blessed New Year.

  4. It’s always a little hard to see clear cutting, but it opens the way for new hardwood to grow. Young forests are necessary to support diverse wildlife so it’s good to have a rotation going on.

    • Yes, it is. But it is helping us to get out of debt faster and that’s also necessary. The wildlife really likes it; all those new tender things to eat…. Our homestead land where the house is was clear cut 16 years before we bought it and it was pretty ugly when be began building. But look at it now!! Happy New Year!

  5. Dear Jackie and Family

    A very merry Christmas and a blessed New year to you and your family! Thank you for all you do!

    The Duke Family

    • Happy New Year Regina! We love our tree. And on it were ornaments the kids made when they were young so we also have all those memories right there, each year. So nice! I have to laugh; I hadn’t noticed Mittens sleeping in my chair, next to the tree until right now!

  6. Merry Christmas, Jackie & Will & David! I’m so grateful to you for your friendship and for your generosity in sharing your wisdom and experience with the world. Blessings to you all in the new year!

  7. Merry Christmas. Today we celebrate with our 5 Sons/Wives and 14 grandchildren. The house is crazy but so much fun. We’ll enjoy the bounty of farm and place. Wishing you the best. We’ve periodically logged off woods in time it comes back. It’s hard to look at at first. Also have you sent out your seed catalog? Temp here a crazy 45 degrees-the grass is greening up again! Here’s to the new year and blessings.

    • Isn’t family fun though? All the noise and mess, smiles and hugs. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. No, our seed catalog is at the printer right now and should go out pretty soon. We didn’t get 45 but did have a few days in the low 30’s for a break. Have a great new year!!!

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