Our granddaughter, Ava, just celebrated her 8th birthday and, of course, I had to drive down to help! Will had a bad night with several bouts of acid reflux so he decided to stay home and chuck wood into the fire while packaging more seeds. We had a great time watching Ava and her friends play games and tear into the gifts. It was a nice winter day — not too awfully cold and no snow. So it wasn’t a bad 2½ hour drive down and back. When it came time to sing happy birthday, Mason got out his trumpet and played along with us. Nice job, kiddo!

Ava and her friends lining up to attack the pinata. (I still like the beat-it-with-a-stick rather than pulling ribbons!)
We got Ava her own digital camera. When we were in Yellowstone, Mason and Ava ended up having to share a camera and now they both have their own.

I was so lucky as a friend, Carla (who I hadn’t seen for something like 27 years), stopped by after the party. She had retired from her work and moved “back home” to the area. That was so nice! We talked about our families, old times attending various farmer’s markets, and vowed to not let it be so long before we visited again.

Kelly Jo’s dad, Donny and I visited while the girls were playing another game.

When I got home, I noticed that the plow truck was gone. Will had said he was going to plow the rocky trail down to our place in the pasture where he parked the stock trailer. We have a steer going to butcher on the 24th so he needed to get the trailer up the hill and ready to load. Oh oh — no truck and deep snow. Hmmm. Yep, it was stuck. He’d driven the crawler loader down there to help plow and it wasn’t running right. It kept stalling out. So today he’s busy shoveling the plow truck out and trying to get the crawler loader working. As it’s a diesel, that can be a real chore. Here’s hoping! — Jackie


  1. I have had acid reflux problems also. When it flairs up I try to adjust my diet, eating less fried, rich, or high acid foods like tomato products and coffee. I also increase my probiotics… more yogurt with live cultures and taking a probiotics pill. The apple cider vinegar with water has helped me too. Its just a good healthy drink.. my grandma even used to partake. At night, I have even slept in the recliner, to sleep sitting up and lessen symptoms of acid reflux. That’s my two cents on acid reflux.

    • Yep, that’s pretty much what Will does. And he’s found if he doesn’t eat after 8 PM it sure helps. The last bout was after eating yogurt just before bed. Not a good idea. He is taking the apple cider vinegar and water now.

  2. Hi Jackie, I was wondering if you have sent my 2020 I sent you my address but then, I am so tech. challenged I may have screwed it up. I had purchased your Bill Bean tomatoes in the past and want to order them again as well as some other seeds.

    • I’ll check to make sure, Pat. Everyone who ordered in 2018 and 2019 will automatically get a catalog as will all those who requested one. They are being sent out today from Stephens Point, WI (Thurs) If you don’t get one in a week, e-mail me at jackieclay2007@yahoo.com and I’ll make sure you do get one.

  3. Hi Jackie and Will,

    Thanks for the quick seed order fill. It’s so nice to do business with people that really care about their customers and do such high quality work. : )

    Tried and true acid reflux reliever: Mix one teaspoon activated charcoal in a full glass of water, drink it all down. Fixes the pain fast!
    I always carry around activated charcoal capsules I make myself, to take in case of allergic reaction, heartburn, stomach flu/trots, or use topically on stings or bites.
    Hope this helps…..

    • We package every seed with love! We really, really want each one to grow and produce well for customers!
      Thanks for the tip. I’ll tell Will.

  4. Eating radishes gets rid of heartburn in a jiffy, every time my husband gets it he eats one and ten minutes later it’s gone. Old remedies work :)

  5. Hi Jackie, glad you got to visit with an old friend, there are just some people that you meet up with again it’s like you never were away from except for a short time, no matter how long it was.

    I have a suggestion for Will that helped me immensely with acid reflux. Plain old fashioned apple cider vinegar and water. Might sound crazy but many times its lack of acid, not too much acid that is the problem. With me the acid reflux medication was not working so I tried vinegar and that worked great. I later had a procedure done that I called a stomach wrap as the cause of my acid reflux was that my stomach spinxure did not close all of the way. So when you said that Will had a had reflux, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents lol. Hope he feels better and got the truck unstuck.

    • Yep, the truck’s out and the sun is shining! Thanks for your tip. He said he’d actually taken apple cider vinegar in the past but had forgotten how well it worked!

  6. It is always something ! Never seems like you can just go out and get your work done. We have been there and done that. :)
    Great birthday party and precious granddaughter. Ya’ll stay warm.

    • Thank you. All’s well again. Now Will just has to get the crawler/loader’s fuel filters installed. He found out both were clogged and that’s why it was stalling out. Ahhhhh

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