We are so excited to welcome the newest member of the family. She weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and is so cute. Both Mom and Delilah are doing well, and I got to drive over on Sunday to get my first peek. Wow, have I missed holding and feeding a new baby! She is very good and let me feed her then she got bored and went to sleep. David and Elizabeth are thrilled parents. Will wanted to go with me but our seed orders have been arriving in big batches of big orders. So as not to get behind, he stayed home and packed seeds.

David thinks Delilah is pretty special.
Grandma thinks she’s wonderful too!
Isn’t she cute?

We were so overwhelmed that friends, Mike and Dara offered to come over and help get us current again yesterday. So we packed and stamped envelopes and packaged seeds. All day. Mike stamped envelopes in which the seeds were packaged. Dara filled tomato seed envelopes while Will recorded orders on the spreadsheet. I kept busy filling mailing envelopes with seed packets and refilling empty seed envelopes of various crops like squash, beans, kale, and lettuce. We took a break for a frozen pizza. (Hey, I haven’t even had time to wash dishes in a week!) Not complaining though as this is going far to help pay for the Big Pines forty acres!

Dara and Mike helped us pack seeds yesterday. God bless them!

I was a little worried as it got below zero last night and the baby goat, Nuevo, has been staying out in the goat pen with his mom. Luckily, he got acclimated to the outside during warmer weather but I was still worried as it hadn’t been anywhere near that cold. But this morning I went out and he bounced out the door, waiting to have me feed Mom so he could nurse. She still won’t let him nurse unless she’s in the milking stanchion. But we’ve got a process worked out and it only takes minutes. He handled the cold like a trooper! — Jackie


  1. Congratulations Ms Jackie… What a beautiful little granddaughter !
    Do you have an online version of your seed catalog that won’t cost you any postage?
    Stay safe and continued good health wished for all.
    Thank you

  2. Oh happy news to start 2021 off correctly! Congrats to David and Elizabeth, and you and Will! Guess David’s log home will have a bedroom designated “Delilah’s Room”!
    Thanks for the information concerning my skins-on, pressure-canned potatoes from both you and Elizabeth Johnson. I’m going to use them with confidence now.
    Good pictures of you all and Dara, too. I enjoyed meeting her and Mike at your seminar.
    I saw one case of wide mouth lids and rims at Fleet Farm so bought 1 box. Does anyone wonder what the next shortages will be? Fencing for gardens? Dehydrators? Zip lock bags? At this time, there is a low supply of stainless steel and soybeans so prices are through the roof.
    Hope your trip next month for the spot on your arm proves they have definitely scooped all the cells away and your free again. You need it to package all those seeds, (grin)!
    Hugs from the Des Moines area.

    • Thanks Erin! We are seeing occasional jars here, off and on. But NO lids at all. And I’m still amazed at the vacant spaces on store shelves. I’m thinking there will be more and more shortages.

  3. Gods second greatest gift to the human race. The perfection of a new baby.

    I want to order a seed catalog. How do I do that?

  4. What a joy for you in this new beautiful baby! Congratulations to her blessed parents and to the wonderful grandparents! I look forward to watching Delilah grow up in your blog pages. Happy for you that the seed orders are going gang busters. What a terrific problem to have!

    • Yes it is. Although we sometimes feel overwhelmed, we are doing the happy dance as we pay off the Big Pines forty slowly but surely. We’re so tickled to have another member to our family!

  5. Congratulations on the new addition it’s all part of Gods plan for life to go on besides that they are fun to spoil !

  6. A big southern “YeeeeeHaaaawwww” for the new arrival! You have every right to be proud as peacock over Delilah.

    I’m so glad the seed orders are pouring as I suspected they would. I too have been passing on yours Seed Treasures address on several gardening sites I visit yp help folks find seed. Just for grins and giggles I went to a lot of the big seed company websites and saw a lot of “Sorry but we’re not taking more orders until we get caught up” posted on front pages. At this rate you’ll have that land paid off in a hurry. Just make sure you save back enough for your own garden!

    • I always save planting seed; it’s the squirrel in me! Money’s great but seeds are more important!! I’ve seen those “not taking more orders” and “closed temporarily” notices at many seedhouses. And there are a lot of “sold outs” too. I understand that as we even have a few varieties we’re out of. Whew! Who would have ever thought?

  7. Congratulations on your very cute new baby girl, Delilah. I can see how happy you are at holding her and feeding her. Her daddy looks happy. Glad the baby goat is doing so well. I know you are happy to have Dara as a friend, her help is very nice to have. Take care as things work with God’s blessing.

  8. Congratulations! How exciting! Beautiful baby girl❤️You probably have my seed order right about now. Thank you!

  9. Congratulations to David and Elizabeth on their daughter and to Jackie and Will on their new grandaughter! She looks adorable and I wish all of you the best in your life and love together with Delilah. Although for those of us who saw him grow up, it is hard to imagine that David is now a father.

    Glad things are going well for you, Jackie with your seed business, homestead, and prayers for your good health.

  10. So happy bubs and mum both well. Hubby and I are expecting a new grandchild in May and are very excited to be ‘new’ grandparents again.Congratulations to you all from Australia!

    • Yep, I look at pictures of him in diapers with his butt sticking out while he’s picking wildflowers and it’s hard to realize he’s 30 now!

  11. Congratulations to all of you, lots of happy times ahead of you with that precious little bundle! My little grandson is 8 months now and a joy even when cranky lol. I mention your seed company every chance I get on the various FB forums I am on. Glad things are looking up in these troubling times. Stay safe.

    • I wonder how many names there are for “grandma”? There’s granny, grammie, mee maw, maw maw…… But no matter what they call us, we always come!

  12. I like her name!! Not common in these parts and I work in public schools and have herd ’em all… :) Is she their first child? Congrats!!

  13. Congratulations. Happy Grandma.
    Delighted your Seed business is
    Busy Busy. Received my order and
    Have it stashed Sure comforting
    In these times. Your hard work is
    Making it Better for Lots of Us

    • Thanks Joann. We think having a good supply of seeds is SO very comforting. Especially in these weird times.

  14. Congratulations on your new beautiful grand daughter! What a blessing and a joy. Enjoy every moment, for they grow so fast.

  15. Congratulations and blessings to you all, Jackie! Wish we were closer so we could help with the seed packing. I’m so glad business is booming! Sending love from Mpls!

  16. Congratulations on the beautiful granddaughter We are expecting a great granddaughter the first of march She is having that same name I can’t wait to meet her Love the baby goats sure miss mine

    • Yup, I did the happy dance when Delilah arrived safely and well. She’s already looking around and cuddling.

  17. YEA!!!! congratulations! We are so excited for you guys! Sent in our order for seeds today along with as many Hopi Pale Grey seeds as we could spare. Miss you guys! Mia and John

    • We got your order AND the Hopi Pale Grey seeds. THANK YOU!!! Remember when your kids were as little as Delilah??? Don’t they grow fast? The seeds will go out on Monday. Happy gardening to you!

  18. I was on Jill Winger’s Prairie Homestead today and advertised your seed company when I read so many are having problems getting seeds. Congratulations on your growing family! God Bless you, I like your blog so much!

  19. Congratulations!! So happy baby has arrived and all is well. She is adorable. Wishing you and your all the best.

  20. Congratulation on baby Delilah. She’s beautiful. Glad you are getting plenty of seed orders. We all better be planting lots of gardens this year.

    • Thanks Deborah. Yep, I think things will be worse before they get better. As we say around here when we can’t change things: “Plant more beans…”

  21. Congratulations. Baby’s are gifts from God. Oh how I miss having a baby around. My youngest grandson is soon to be 7.

  22. Congratulations on baby Delilah. I think she is one of the most pretty baby l have seen. By looking at the picture David thinks so also. It is so nice to have friends like Mike and Dara around to help you. Friends are something that never gets old. You can never have to many of them. Glad to hear the baby goat is doing good also.

    • Thanks Kathy! We all think she’s adorable. We really, really value our friends and try to respond to them in a like way. And, yep, Nuevo is getting bigger and jumping around happily in the goat barn. (I’m glad he’s graduated to that instead of staying in the living room!)

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