Our friends Mike and Dara again came over to work all day stamping seed envelopes, packaging seeds and other seed business related work. Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, we ended up with more than thirty big orders. Of course, that was good. But we were falling behind. Mike turned out to be a wonderful package stamper and Dara a prime tomato seed packer as well as an order filler. Guess what? Now we’re nearly caught up! We sure hate to not send seeds out the day after we receive the orders.

Mike stayed busy all day, stamping seed envelopes.
Will and Dara kept counting all those tomato and pepper seeds. No $15,000 seed counting machine at Seed Treasures!

The dogs love having “company” and even begged for pizza crusts at lunch from everyone. Last night, Hondo was so tired from all the activity he fell asleep on the sofa and didn’t even hear Will and I go off to bed.

Hondo got very tired having attention and company all day.

Today the orders have slowed down a little from the catalog rush when the new catalogs came out so we’re going to be all caught up by Monday. — Jackie


  1. So, I’m a slowpoke and I read the Suneca Sunrise is all out but we’re looking forward to trying the Suneca Nation when it comes. What a wonderful thing to have friends like that. Not only does is say a lot about your friends but it also says a lot about you and Will – to have really good friends, you need to have been a really good friend and I suspect that you are!

    • We were so sad to run out of Seneca Sunrise! We sold more in January this year so far than we did all last year! Wow, does THAT say something??? A lot of seed companies are already out of many varieties of seeds or have shut down ordering. Kind of scary, huh? Seneca Nation is really nice. We even ate it raw in the field!
      We do try to be good friends as that does go right around. Just think if everyone practiced just plain old kindness. What a changed world it would be!

  2. I received my seeds and was so so surprised to get them so soon! You guys are so awesome no wonder you have such good friends

  3. Got my seeds today. So quickly. Thanks.

    Here’s to everyone having a productive garden this year.

    kathy in MS

  4. Great to see friends Dara and Mike. True friends are hard to find sometimes. Great work on your seed business. You will reach your goals every time when you work at it like you do.

    • Nothing comes easy, for sure. But we do love sending out seeds to grow into nice productive gardens everywhere.

  5. We value all orders, big and small. One note though, we’ve completely run out of our favorite sweet corn, Seneca Sunrise and are replacing it with it’s “child” Seneca Nation, which is a sweet corn as well as a flour corn, with Seneca Sunrise being one of the parents.

  6. My order came today, and I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl! I’m impressed with countless hours it must take to stamp and fill each of these little envelopes. You have immense patience counting out these orders! Many thanks.

    • You’re welcome Phil! We have developed techniques for counting out seeds that work for us. The funny thing is each of us does it his or her own way!

  7. You should have gotten my order the end of this week!! There sure is a big rush on those seeds! Glad you are getting business.

    I love your dog. He is so funny! How’s that cute baby doing?

  8. Got to thank you for this reminder of SEEDS as I have been so busy trying to get more land cleared to plant more veggies I completely forgot about getting my seed order done with you. I forget that you are not online and I have to fill out my order sheet manually so I need to “GITTER DONE” and mailed! Love you guys and prayers & blessings to ALL for a bountiful harvest this year!! Bonnie in southern Alabama

  9. Just planted my Alderman peas that I saved from the ones I ordered from you last spring! Will do the same with the wonderful Provider beans in a few months. I’m having to order fewer seeds these days due to the healthy, productive seeds from Seed Treasures!

    • We love that! Truly, we hope everyone starts saving their own seeds. (but still find a few new-to-them varieties they want to try out).

  10. Many people are leaving FB for MeWe and am hoping you too will come over in due time. It is new and a bit rough around the edges but in time could be a good learning platform. In the meantime there are a few canning and gardening sites showing up and I am dropping your name and the name of your seed company.

    • Thank you Reg. We don’t have time for FB or anything else online but work. Sorry but we’re only two old, kind of overworked at times homesteaders.

  11. The Hopi Grey Squash I got from you a few years ago has proven a winner. We always get enough to save seeds for the next crop, while enjoying the fine flavor of the squash.

    The Seneca Sunrise corn proved a disappointment as none of it even germinated. I did both direct seeding and tried some in jiffy pots in our mini-greenhouse but neither worked. I love sweet corn and did find one variety that would grow here and produce before the intense arid heat and corn ear budworm arrived. That is called Candy Mountain.

    The Bill Bean tomato simply didn’t like it here in NW AZ. Even with regular watering and good, heavily amended soil (composted chicken manure) it only produced a couple of small fruits. But then beefsteak type tomatoes have never done well here for me. Maybe it gets too hot. My other tomatoes (Peacevine cherry and Roma paste) did fine.

    • Gee we’re sorry to hear your Seneca Sunrise didn’t germinate! We had a bumper crop out of the same seed as did many of our friends. We had trouble growing tomatoes in NE New Mexico because of the heat making the flowers drop off until late in the summer. Some Southwestern folks have switched their planting times so as to prevent that.

  12. What good friends! The pups remind me of ours… so happy when we get visitors, and begging for pizza crusts. May 2021 be a great year for your business.

    • Our dogs love pizza so much they’ve learned the sign language for pizza we use with our deaf apprentice, Alisha. You sign “pizza” and they start drooling and jumping around!

  13. lol.. Hondo is plum wore out. Glad to hear you’re caught up with the influx of orders. I need to get crackin’ and get my order sent (sorry, won’t be one of those big orders but pennies do add up to dollars).

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