For two days now we’ve been preparing for the icy cold that’s forecast to drift down upon us from Canada. Will hauled extra round bales for the horses and cattle, square bales for the goats, and I bought extra grain. We bedded the duck house with lots of fresh wood shavings to keep their tender little feet toasty warm and the goat shed has lots of fresh hay bedding so they can snuggle up in it. The baby goat, Nuevo, now has two little goat coats our friend Dara made him — thick fleecy doubled material. We’ll keep a close eye on him, anyway, and bring him in if it gets super cold. Just in case.

Although it’s “warm” today, at 10 degrees above zero, it’s going to dive way below this weekend. So we’ve been getting ready.

Yesterday, we took a quick run to look at the new bulldozer Will bought. I say “new” but it’s a 1980’s Dresser dozer. He wants it as it is twice as powerful and heavy as our old dozer, Old Yeller. (I hope his drool didn’t freeze on his chin as he examined it, taking photos of various parts and the whole thing to send to friends and family.)

Will’s in love … with this Dresser bulldozer. Poor Old Yeller!
Will’s new Dresser dozer

I can’t say I’m impressed but, oh well, it’s just not my thing I guess. And he does have a lot of debris and stumps to clear on the Wolf Forty, where the loggers left such a mess. If he gets a dozer shouldn’t I get my English Mastiff puppy? Big smile! — Jackie


  1. Of course you should get your puppy! Ha ha ha!!! Enjoy the snow, being all safe and tucked in! Hugs and stay warm!

    • We’re as cozy as can be. I’ve got my wood kitchen range going and boy does that add extra heat to the whole house.

  2. I love getting ready for a storm! We haven’t had a hard freeze in Kingston WA yet. My herbs are doing great and the trees are full of buds.

  3. I loved my English Mastiff . She grew up with my other dog , a Leonberger . They were both the about the same size . Great dispositions . I loved them both . I would love to get another one . I hope you get to find one .

    • I read one of the other comments about mastiffs drooling . I know I have read that many time about that breed . I must have been very fortunate . Mine very seldom drooled .

      • The folks I’ve know with them really didn’t have an issue with that either. But it doesn’t turn me off like it does some folks. (We don’t have a white sofa or tan carpeting!)

  4. Getting that puppy would be wonderful..I know people that have one and absolutely love that dog passed away right before New Year but I am not quite ready to think of another dog..please stay warm and safe that is some cold snap you are getting

    • Oh how sad. Our black Lab, Spencer, is getting up there and has bad arthritis despite supplements we give him for it. I dread to see him pass. Our dogs are family.

  5. We have hit one side or the other of -30 a couple times this week. Only -21 last night. The laundry mat, shower point had -40 night before last and. Froze their pipes. This has been a warm winter with this being the first fairly long cold snap here in the copper Basin Alaska.

    • We really can’t complain as so far, our beavers were right; we’ve had a very mild winter. This is our first really cold spell; we’re headed for -25 tonight. Nice and toasty in the house, though.

    • Oh, we’re as toasty as can be with both the living room stove and my good old wood kitchen range going. Let ‘er come!

  6. Jackie….speaking of DROOLING!!! English mastiffs drool like nothing you’ve ever seen!! : ) YES…get one but man….be prepared. Your life will never be the same….the drool….the drool!

  7. Is the old dozer for sale?How much do they cost and where can I find one? We have property in Cook County, MN. Thanks, Mary

  8. Just added your area to my weather app, so I can see how cold it is in your area. Stay warm, sounds like you are well prepared. We are getting snow in the mountains, hardly any in the valley, in the low 30’s today. We need snow, lots of it for the mnts, as that is where our summer water comes from. So we pray for snow and rain.

  9. The burning question is will Mittens approve of a puppy? We’re in the vortex (Polar Express is my preferred term). We won’t get as cold as we’re farther south but we’re still prepared. Got the snow that came down yesterday (wet and heavy) shoveled/removed before the temps dropped last night. Supper was a little late but less work than waiting until this morning.

    • She wasn’t thrilled years ago, when we added Hondo. He would puppy maul her, drooling all over her and she would squat down with a disgusted look on her face but she never popped him with her claws. Probably won’t be getting the pup but I can dream can’t I???

  10. As hard working as you two are, you both deserve something you want. I’ll be thinking about you during the cold snap. Keep us informed how it’s going.

    • Well, the high today so far is -3 with a strong wind and it’s only getting colder. Two coats for the baby goat tonight!! He’s doing fine, so far.

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