At least it isn’t snow. But in northern Minnesota, we don’t rule that possibility out yet. Will is having a hard time working on the new greenhouse. Take yesterday, for instance. First the rain was just a mist. So he grabbed tools and went out, climbing the ladder to work on the bridging between the rafters, which will help support the polycarbonate panels on top. He got a few nailed up and it started pouring. So grabbing the tools, he climbed down and headed for the house. After a few minutes, the rain quit. Out he went again. And so went the whole day!

Between rains, Will is working on nailing up the bridging between the new greenhouse rafters.

On Saturday, I drove to pick up Domingo, our new buckling, and Willow, the new doeling. Both had been on their mothers so hadn’t learned to suck out of a bottle. Willow’s owner thoughtfully gave me half a gallon of fresh goat milk so I could mix it with the powdered goat milk replacer I’d bought. That was nice as it’s always good not to quickly switch them over to replacer all at once. As Willow is younger, she took to the bottle after only one feeding. But Domingo is being real stubborn. He’s older and is afraid where Willow is already playing. It’s a struggle three times a day, with me wrestling him into a corner and holding the nipple in his mouth. He only sucks a few times, then the milk does drip down his throat and he swallows it. A long process! But I’m a stubborn old goat too and sure won’t give up.

Here are Domingo and Willow in their new pen. They love the hutch I made out of a broken fiberglass stock tank.
Willow’s mother has a beautiful udder!

Between rains yesterday, I walked out to check our front flower bed where the powder blue squills are planted. They are always the first of our spring bulbs to bloom. I was very surprised to see them already in full bloom! How exciting and promising of spring to come soon.

Aren’t these early squills cute?

The daffodils and tulips are starting up nicely. Now if I can keep the deer out of the back yard — last year they ate all the tulips. But I’ve put up more fence so I have my fingers crossed. — Jackie


  1. I have an idea for your next cookbook. It would be all about fixing mistakes in the kitchen. Like I measured the flour wrong for my bread, or I put in too much water. Or the soups too salty.

    • Or the time I mistook pancake mix for powdered sugar. Those cookies were simply AWFUL!! I don’t think there was a fix for that one.

  2. Oh Jackie, love your new babies. I wonder, do you cover the babies eyes when first feeding them ? I found that if they can’t see they accept the bottle faster. Thanks again and again for your dedication in posting so regularly. You make my day/week.

  3. My powder blue squills have already bloomed and most of the flowers are gone. Been babying a patch (fighting garlic mustard) and each year, it gets larger. A bit farther from that area, more are growing. So now two areas to carefully hand weed.
    While it is really REALLY early here, found my first morel of the year. Not very big but of course but now I’m itching to hunt. Temps will be down in the 30s (near but not freezing) so not really warm enough for the season to start in earnest.

      • I agree! I have a doe with an ugly udder; big teats that dingle dangle. She’s prone to mastitis and udder injuries because of it too.

  4. Try mixing Tabasco sauce in water and spraying your tulips. It seems to help keep the deer off them. However if they are hungry enough they will just thank you for seasoning their food.

    • Not in the rain, it won’t. She needs something permanent. I’ve tried sprays, and fence; but, electric wire is the only permanent solution.

    • We’ve got a 6′ fence all around the yard but last year, they hopped over the hot tub and got in and ate all my fancy tulips. Bad deer. Now that’s fenced too so I am hoping!

  5. Domingo and Willow are beautiful! Your greenhouse looks like it is going to be such an asset to your homestead. You and Will make such a great team!

    • We’re lucky that way; some things are his things; others, mine. But they all work together to make a nice homestead. We’re blessed!

  6. It is so great to see Domingo. I am sure he is still Upset about being forced to take the Sulmet for 5 days. I hope he warms up soon!

    • Maybe that was it. Anyway, he’s learned how good that milk is and starts hollering when I start for the goat barn. He’s not afraid or leery anymore! He’s all over me.

  7. So glad the new babies are home and glad Willow is eating good. Domingo will get it, you just to have to keep on trying and l like all your other followers know you can be just as stubborn is he’s being. My grandfather used to have goats and he liked the toggenburgs. We as children didn’t know the difference we just liked.

    • He did get it! We sure had a tussle for awhile though! I did the happy dance the night he decided he might just try that bottle Willow was guzzling. He grabbed the nipple and that was all there was to it. FINALLY!!!


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