I was driving home from getting feed two days ago when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a fence post that looked “odd.” I checked for traffic and backed up. Yep, it was no ordinary fence post. It was a Great Gray Owl sitting on the top of a wood fence post. They’re very rare here in the summer and it’s unusual to see one up close in the daytime. I got a couple of photos with my phone and continued home, doing the happy dance as I drove. It made my whole day!

Isn’t this Great Gray Owl cool? I think he was pushed out of Canada by the forest fires there which are sending thick smoke down to us.

We got some more rain and the garden is jumping. It seems rain does plants more good than watering ever did! I’ve now got a row of pole beans weeded as well as five 100-foot rows of peppers in the North garden. Boy do those pepper plants look great. We got a new 12-volt fencer hooked up to the electric fence around it and we have a second new fencer to put on a fence (yet to be installed) around the Wolf garden. I’ll feel much better when both of them have electric fences around them, along with the stock panel fencing. No cows please!

The corn is starting to tassel.

Our corn is starting to tassel out. Little tiny ears are forming below on the stalks so I know in a few days the corn is going to shoot upward. How exciting! And more rain is in the forecast too. Thank God! — Jackie


  1. That is quite an owl! I hope your poultry are well protected. We once lost a female duck (at night) to a barred owl. As it turns out, the local owls were starving so she thought she would tackle a duck. The whole incident was distressing.

  2. The old timers always told me that rain especially that which came from thunder and lightning was naturally charged with nitrogen Old wife’s tale ???

    • I really don’t know but I do know the old timers also said it was “poor man’s fertilizer”. I do know rain sure beats watering all hollow.

  3. That owl was so cool!!! Thanks for sharing. You don’t see them often!

    Your garden looks great. We are waiting on some rain!

    • I was so tickled to have spotted him and being able to have a photo too! I hope you get some rain soon.

  4. Great scot! He’s huge and gorgeous! I believe rain does much more good than imitation! Great blog!

    • He is big, isn’t he??? I’m in total agreement with you. That rain sure perked up everything around here.

  5. How wonderful seeing such a beautiful owl close up, love your happy dance Jackie. Never too old to get joy from the natural world are we? Tell me, how far apart do you plant your corn? I think I’ve been planting mine too close.

    • I feel so lucky to have seen him so close! That’s rare, and especially in the summer, in the daytime too.
      We plant our corn about eight inches apart but when I hand plant, I go a foot apart as many of the older varieties send out tillers (extra plants from the original) and if you give them room they often make ears too.

  6. We sometimes keep the moose out of the garden with a ribbon type electric about a foot and a half over a four foot wood fence. A neighbor tried multi strand electric and the moose went right through it so the next year they put up eight foot welded wire!

    • I hate to tell them but I’ve seen moose walk right through welded wire and not even slow down much. I’d add a string of electric tape in front of that welded wire.

  7. Beautiful owl! We live in the country about 15 miles south of Superior and we’re still waiting for rain. My little garden is o.k. due to watering but I’m watching out for fires since we are surrounded by woods! Possible storms tonight so there’s hope 🤗 Love your column!

    • Wow, and here I thought that area had gotten lots of rain. Shows how wrong we can be, huh? I hope you get rain, not fires!!!

    • It sure made my day. I’m always on the lookout for them in the winter but was sure surprised to see one in the summer.

  8. Stunning photo of the owl, so glad you backed up! There are some animals that just give you a special feeling when you get to see them like this. We have a handful of eagle pairs that nest year round hear along the river and it’s so exciting when you actually get to see them. (N/E OK)
    You are so right about how much difference it makes when the garden gets rain water rather than just water from our hose and sprinklers! It’s like they go from surviving to thriving even when it’s just a little shower.
    Always enjoy and appreciate what you have to share, thanks!

      • No sweat! Something just told me to back up and take a look and I’m really glad I took the time to do that. I think our corn grew a foot since that rain, already!!

  9. When I’m hunting in the fall I love to hear them calling in the woods around me. We have several in the fall and spring and I guess they’re here year round but I’m too busy to take the time to listen. Awesome photo, he looks so regal!

    • I was sure happy to get that picture. I seldom take photos with my phone; I’m OLD and can hardly figure it out sometimes. But the camera was home and I HAD to get a picture. We’re thrilled at the gardens so far. It’s been a struggle but things are coming together nicely so far.

  10. What a stunning picture of the owl. Still dry as toast here in Southwest Wisconsin. I’ll soon be harvesting onions and garlic. Send rain my way. What do you do with all those peppers? That’s a lot of peppers. I have an isolated group of rare Cyclon peppers I’m growing for seed.

    • I sure hope you get rain soon. I wouldn’t mind a little more, either. We simply LOVE Vaquero Relish that I make and it seems we never have enough. I use it in everything so I thought I’d better can up a lot more this fall. Then I also use it in various salsas, spaghetti sauces, other sauces like enchilada and pizza plus I can and dehydrate a lot too. We do love our peppers, both sweet and hot. I haven’t heard of Cyclon peppers; tell us more!

  11. What a treat to see that owl! He looks huge and handsome too. Your corn is beautiful. Wish I could grow it but I am allergic to grasses and a corn maze makes me sicker ‘n a dog (corn is just very large grass). It will be delicious so I am glad I can eat corn just fine :)

  12. I love owls. I see a few in the evenings as I walk near the pine ridge. Your garden looks great. We need rain here, but food crops are still doing ok. Hay harvest is down to 30% for 1st cut. Praying for better 2nd cut.

    • Hay is scarce here, too. We’re hoping we can scrape by without having to sell cattle this fall.

    • I wish they ate grasshoppers; some are as large as mice! But there are lots of ground squirrels too; I should have drawn him a map to our place.

  13. WOW! That is an impressive bird! What a great photo! So glad to hear about your rain. My grandpa always said, “Well water will keep the garden alive….rain water will make it grow.” Blessings.

    • My jaw dropped when I spotted him! So unexpected. I agree with your grandpa. You can about hear our crops growing after that rain.

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