Yesterday the snow and wind started in force. We’d learned of the storm forecast the day before, so we set out extra big round bales for the cows and horses and Will hauled up some extra square bales for me, for the goats and granddaughter, Ava’s, pony, Whinny. We knew it was coming but, as usual, hoped it wouldn’t dump the 12 to 18 inches of cold, blowing snow upon us. After all, in late February, we’re getting a bit tired of snowstorms. But the morning brought wind with fine snow, which quickly turned fierce. Luckily, I got my morning chores finished before it became wicked. Last night, it was still at it and snowing harder. We missed a full-blown blizzard by 5 mph! We stayed all cozy in the house, between chores, but then, while Will was taking it easy in his chair, with Mittens on his lap, nice and comfy, Hondo decided he must go out again. (After all, he hadn’t been outside for half an hour!) Both Will and Mittens gave him a sour look. But Will finally gave in and let him out.

Hondo demanding to be let out RIGHT NOW. Notice Will and Mittens’ expressions!

Meanwhile, I was going through our seeds, arranging some and filling a few varieties that were out of packets. I heard a funny noise about head-level and looked over. Here was Buffy, lying on her back, using the sagging plastic top of one of our little plastic greenhouses, as a hammock! I couldn’t quit laughing. Will said he’d seen her doing that a couple of times before that. She really believes in “creature comforts” alright!

Buffy in her new, personal cat-nap hammock.

Will continues mending after his heart attack, having very little problems following the placing of his stent. We are just so glad it all worked out the way it did. And we’re so grateful it wasn’t worse. — Jackie


  1. That wind will get you! I don’t mind the cold so much, but when it’s windy, I dread the chores. Chasing buckets and tarps and dropped gloves! We haven’t had much snow lately and it was almost 70° yesterday. It made doing the chores nice, but today they are calling for ice storms. I’m glad Will is doing better and has no problems with the stent. The blood thinners make life interesting though. I got my stents a few years ago and when I finally got to stop taking blood thinners I was so relieved. I was afraid of doing a chore and getting hurt and not being able to stop the bleeding. You’all have a great week-end.

  2. So glad Will is doing better. Tell him to hang in there. We have had nothing but rain here in middle Tennessee with a little ice for two weeks now. This week, it is rain, rain, rain and lots of local flooding. We have buttercups and the buds on trees getting fat. Just hope no more freezing ice. The snow can be overwhelming; but ICE is so bad; and it creates trouble for the fruit trees in our area. Our neighboring peach farm had very little peaches last year, so we are all hoping for a better spring…if it ever gets here!

  3. Gee, isn’t that a terrible problem?? Ha ha! I’m in the same fix. I need to get some more meat thawed and canned up. Aren’t dehydrated carrot shreds wonderful? They make great carrot cake, too!
    Thanks for the uplifting news about your garden!! It really helps us northerners!!

  4. Loved the update Jackie. Hope that things continue to go well and that spring weather and temps are coming your way soon!

      • Here in TX we are having our second bought of cold (for here) weather this month as well. Our high today was about 25……. Lows of about 19-21…….
        Weather is VERY odd right now. If Six Flags (amusement park) had a ride like the weather, they would be rich. This year, the weather is proving to be Bi-Polar and needing to get back onto meds!

  5. Oh Jackie: I so enjoy reading you. Here in Northern Wisconsin we’ve gotten about 7″ of snow yesterday. Really windy too. Hubby plowed and snowblowed the snow and I shoveled today. Tomorrow he will rake roofs. Lots of snow up here. Love it here but it’s harder the older we get! Well, I guess that makes spring all the sweeter. Glad Will (and you all) are doing well. We’ve got bossy kitty too! He’s older and we are just his servants.

    • I think they must wonder how we can be so hard to train! Come on, Mom, my food dish is EMPTY!! I want to go to bed NOW!! We finally got over the storm and are mostly cleaned up. In a while, I’ll take my new Christmas present from Will, a new snow blower, out and clean out the paths to the buildings and down to Ava’s pony. It’s a whole lot easier than shoveling, which I used to do.

      • Isn’t it great when someone gives us a tool so we can do our chores? I think that means that my love language is service, because when I can’t do something, and my husband does it to help me, that’s real love to me!

  6. I had snow here last night. I live on a “cut off” road that truckers and tourist use so there is always accidents on the road when it snows. The driveway to my property starts to go uphill which always gives motorists problems. There was some kind of accident right in front of my driveway and the tow truck left piles of frozen snow right at the entrance. I can not even shovel it. Oh well, I guess I will l have to stay home until the snow melts.

    • That does make it tough. Sometimes the snowplow on the county road leaves a big frozen berm across our driveway that our pickup snowplow won’t move. You have this big hump to drive over until spring thaw makes it a slushy mess. Doesn’t it seem like some folks just don’t drive sensibly? They want to go fast, despite road conditions.

  7. That storm was wicked over here! We got about 18 inches of snow. Lots and lots of plowing to be done. Some drifts were as tall as the truck to get out to the cows.
    The beauty today is unmatched though. Nothing makes the world feel and look as clean as a fresh layer of snow.

    • We saw that snow on the news last night! Wow. We were lucky, being further north, only getting about 4 inches. But we did get the drifts. Boy, did we ever! But we’re getting cleaned up and the sun is shining!

  8. Shredding before dehydration? Never thought of that. Do you prep them with anything before dehydration? Great idea.

  9. I can totally relate to Will and Mitten’s predicament. Years ago, when training my rescue dog, I would encourage him to go outside to do his business by giving him a treat. Although he has learned to always go out to do his business, he has also figured out how to manipulate the situation by wanting to go out often just so he can get a treat. Since he will not take NO for an answer, I am also trained to do as he commands. ;-)

    • Yep, our dog, Hondo does the same. He’s got us trained to a T. But I must admit he’s really smart. Our old Lab, Spencer, can’t hold his poop in the morning so when he gets off the couch, Hondo runs upstairs to get us to let his “brother” out. Right now! Can’t fault him for that.

  10. Really happy to hear you both are doing alright.
    We returned to Iowa from our snowbird routine a month early, as my husband isn’t feeling well; heart, also. It is so much better to be where your doctor knows you, and family is nearby. Little snow here, just a dusting from yesterday’s ice glazing. Cold at 2 degrees but by weekend in 40’s again.
    A positive of returning early is that I get to start all my seeds here; many more than if I did them down south and had to transport them. I’ll be doing a lot of Clear Dawn onion seeds, plus putting in ones from last year to get seed from this year. So excited to try, hopefully succeed, at new things.
    I’m wondering about your older dog–sorry, I forgot his name–how is he doing?

    • Spencer is fine but getting older. His arthritis is bad, despite the joint supplements we give him. I bought him an expensive orthopedic dog bed and he got mad and won’t even step on it! I’m not sure what brought that on. Will even got down on the floor and laid on it to encourage him to lie on it too. No dice. I hope our husband feels better soon. It is nice to be where doctors know you. Good luck with the onions. I’ll be starting mine next week.

  11. I have seen that Mittens look many a times lol. Cats deem any and all things theirs to use as they see fit. I can’t tell you how often I get out of my desk chair, leave the office briefly (or even turn my back IN the office) and the one cat is on my chair. I boot her off and we repeat the process. The cats have kept me in shape. Of course they think they are supervisors no matter what you’re doing (especially when the litter boxes are being cleaned).
    We got a small amount of “snow” (closer to wintry mix), rain, freezing rain, and sleet. Which of course fell on top of some already icy spots in the yard. BUT moisture is moisture and we have no way of knowing how much summer moisture we’ll get.

    • Yep, although we grimace to see more snow, we know we need it for the moisture to break our last-year’s drought.

  12. Spring will come. My corn is 4″ high.
    Pintos are all up.
    Peanuts are up.
    Still waiting for beets to emerge.
    Hilled potatoes, again!
    Still picking broccoli, eggplant, carrots, tomatoes, greens from my fall garden. Canning tomatoes tomorrow.
    Was gifted 25′ of carrots, rejects from our food pantry. Cleaned them up and shredded them for the dehydrator. They will eventually be carrot muffins for breakfast at church. Would have frozen them, but freezer if FULL!

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