A few days ago, we saw a fat robin, sitting in a tree in our backyard. Then, a day later, Will heard the pair of Canada goose scouts flying up the creek. They always come a week or more before the big flocks appear on our creek and ponds. Today, we again heard them flying and calling, although the ice is still on the ponds. There is a little melted snow water on top of the ice though. Those happy goose calls sure make us happy, knowing that true spring is not far away, even though we’re having some snow/rain for a few days. We can look forward to warmer, sunny days, when all the migratory birds show up. Like today when we saw a kestrel sitting on a power line; the first little hawk of this spring. Hooray!

We were so happy to see our two young tom wild turkeys come back this spring!
Will working on our muddy driveway last year, installing culverts, which have helped. But notice the mud in the background — that’s what it looks like now!

Our mile long driveway is a big mud puddle for most of its length. It’s not so we’re going to get stuck in it. But it IS really yucky so we don’t drive in and out a lot, while it is drying up some. Instead, we’re sticking close to home. And enjoying things around us. Like the two wild tom turkeys (sons of our old mother wild turkey who came back every year for seven years). They’re strutting and preening, showing off to each other and us. We first saw them return, after being gone all winter, about three weeks ago and wonder if their mother is still living. She may have joined the big, 20 turkey flock, we saw a mile across-country from our place. We hope. Who would have thought we’d fall in love with a turkey? — Jackie


  1. Even in lower south Alabama it is too cold!
    You and Will don’t push too hard. We need you!

  2. A few years back a pair of Geese landed on the Creek bordering our place. One landed in the small spot of open water and the other landed on the water covered ice. A pretty sickening feeling to watch blood spreading on top of the ice – knowing that goose had just broken its leg. The pair that came in 3 weeks ago landed safely on dry ground, and loudly announced they were here, and waiting for corn. Brought smiles.

    • Oh gee! I feel so bad for the goose. Our geese are just starting to fly about but the creek and pond aren’t thawed out yet. The creek, nearby, though is free flowing so they have a nice place to hang out.

  3. We have SO many wild turkeys here west of Eugene, Oregon! They are everywhere all year long! They are fun to watch though. We had 72 degrees here today with rumors of some snow falling to the valley floor on Monday. We have serious doubts about it but we had a frost a couple of nights ago. I’m behind on our garden but had some help from my daughter and her husband today.

  4. Hi, Jackie, Our wild turkeys are a half mile away at the bottom of our mountain. They never come up here because we don’t have water or a source of food. But it’s so fun seeing their babies in spring. These days I’m conserving fuel in my car by staying home and only going into town once a week. Unleaded is $5.19. But have no fear, the governor is going to give us $400 to help w/fuel costs this year. Oh, brother! Anyway, I don’t get down the mountain much to see our feathered “neighbors”. Thanks for the great advice how to can roasted nuts. I look forward to your every blog.

    • I’ve been cutting down on driving too. I used to send off customers’ seed packages every day but now I’m only going 3 times a week. Our gas is cheaper than yours; ours is now $3.89 a gallon. But that’s still a lot, in my opinion.

  5. Well, here in southern middle Tennessee, we have had Redbud winter, Dogwood winter, and I guess this one is Locust winter or Blackberry? I can’t remember what comes next. I look out across the fields with green grass, purple and yellow wildflowers, sun shining bright with birds on the bird feeder but when I step outside the wind says it is still wintertime! Our weather is crazy as normal for Tennessee. It was 70 plus degrees two days ago, tornado warning that night and cold rain tonight and possible snow flurries this weekend. Brrr! Please hurry up spring….

    • Boy, I hear you! Finally, today, the sun is out although it is still windy and in the low thirties. But that’s ABOVE zero so I shouldn’t complain. At least we don’t have tornadoes. Thank God!!

  6. Buffy sure does love playing! She especially loves running across the floor and spinning at angles, so she slides dramatically, drifting around corners. Maybe she’s a racing cat???

  7. Oh my goodness! The mud! That is what it looks like here in Oregon for about 9 months of the year! I wonder where the turkeys and quail go in the winter?
    I’m so glad you and Will are going strong.

    • Wow, I won’t complain then! Our turkeys just hang out in the woods and forage neighborhood feeding stations for corn. We don’t have any quail but our grouse just hang out in the woods, eating birch buds until the snow goes.

    • Today, we’re not doing so much enjoying! It’s snowing and blowing and barely above freezing. Yuck~ But we know in a couple of days, the weather will turn much nicer so we’ll wait.

  8. We know what you mean. Our turkeys are back and showing off. We always have one lone hen and she is back also. About an hour ago, in the middle of the day, had 4 deer come in for a drink. The turkey had already come in and there was no corn left….guess I will have to start throwing more out in the middle of the day.
    Glad you and Will are doing well. We love hearing from you !

    • Yeah, we have to toss out extra corn here and there as our critters come and go. But both of us enjoy feeding the “neighbors” so much.

  9. Tis turkey time – have a couple of flocks visiting as of late. The toms puff up and fan their tails as they patrol and stand watch over the hens. Fingers crossed for chicks – only saw a few last year but one year one hen had 13 chicks of which 9 made it into the fall. They sure grow fast.
    Nothing wrong with sticking around home – it tends to be saner and less stressful.
    Established cat is becoming more accepting of the newbie. Though I do think newbie would have a blast with Buffy as she’d be more inclined to race around with him!

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