You know, it’s getting hard to farm around here.  We seem not to have three days of sunshine in a row anymore.  And it takes at least three days to cut, rake and dry to bale hay.  Will’s getting frustrated as he still has like five more farms to hay.  It’s funny; last year it was so dry there was no hay, although, of course, plenty of sunshine.  This year, the hay is thick, but you just can’t get it put up.  Whew, but it’s getting tricky!

We hate coming and going down our driveway as the new owner of the 80 from the road in is now logging the 40 acres next to our land.  Yep, our house is still more than half a mile down the driveway, but we hate to watch that woodland go bald.  We knew it would happen, but boy it’s ugly.

This is the 40 acres BEFORE logging.
This is the same spot, DURING logging.

I’ve been busily live trapping ground squirrels and have caught over 25 so far, releasing them far away from anyone, place, in the woods.  Someday soon, I hope to run out of the little buggers!  They are so destructive to our gardens, eating plants off, the centers out of melons and the leaves off beans.

Here’s another ground squirrel, headed for a new home, far, far away!

Not able to hay, Will’s been working overtime, weeding in the gardens.  Yesterday, he took the old Simplicity tractor with tiller to the North Garden, tilling in between the corn rows where he had mowed the weeds.  It fit just right and really did a nice job.  Thank you, Bill, for letting us use that wonderful helper! — Jackie


  1. Hi Jackie, the squirrels eat all our tomatoes, I would like to relocate them far away. The area of clear cut looks like a tornado mowed everything in it’s path. Pathetic how man is destroying the earth.

  2. We sure know how that feels! We had a good stretch this week for drying, but had to hay a few fields 20 miles from our usual area, so we didn’t get much made. But oh well. We shall get it on the next turn around. So much left to make, that we will probably be making it into September and possibly beyond. I had to replant all my parsnips, which I am not super hopeful will grow, but even tiny ones are good for soup.

    Can carrots self pollinate? I planted a patch when we first bought our house 4 years ago, and I never harvested any because it got overgrown with weeds. This year, in the area where the garden was, I keep finding lots of carrot seedlings, many of which I hope will turn into big carrots. I was excited when I kept finding them in all the dirt.

    Trying to get to mulching my squashes, as some desperately need it. My north Georgia roasters are taking off like a bullet and growing very well. I am excited for the fruit! I have been helping pollinate a little.

    Do you have bees? A friend has a hive with some Russian variety, and I really am interested in getting into bees to help pollinate and for the honey. Just wondering if you or anyone else has experience.

  3. I wonder how the clear cut (yes it is a slaughter) will affect the area when it rains, snows, and melts? Man is his own worst enemy it seems.

  4. Our ‘built in ground squirrel catcher’ happens to be a Rattlesnake. We walk ‘gingerly’ whenever we are in its territory. We normally relocate any rattlesnakes – but this one was quite a ways from the buildings – and it had just killed a ground squirrel. Between it, one of our kitties, and our squirrel chasing/catching dog, our squirrel problems are now minimal.

  5. That logging job they are doing is horrible. Yes we log our land but we do it carefully never taking more than necessary. How awful for you! Do the people realize that once gone the trees are gone for ever?

    I feel bad for you having to look at that. Is that your driveway all rutted up? Shame!

  6. So frustrating to see clear cutting. My Dad and brothers and generations before have all been loggers and sawmillers. They have never done clear cut. Dad always said that’s not harvesting, that’s slaughter. Our neighbors clear cut their property next to ours.its nauseating to see. They are cattlemen and want grass not trees. So sad. We could use a little of that rain here. We are getting quite dry. My garden really needs a rain. Prayers for you and Will and this new challenge facing you.

    • They aren’t going to get grass, they are going to get weeds. Not to mention all the wildlife that is getting displaced and will be looking for a new home/food source. If an area was meant to have grass, it would have already been grass.

  7. I had 20 acres of wildlife and realized early on that I was outnumbered so I didn’t expect much civilizing cultivation to happen. I decided to be the visitor on their property and they turned me wild instead!

  8. So sad to see all those trees gone. We could sure use some of that rain here in MT. But on the other hand, the farmers are busy harvesting.

  9. If they are logging poplar, luckily it grows back fairly quickly. I hate it though! Here’s an idea, after it’s logged you may be able to buy it fairly cheap. Isn’t that how you bought the land that your on? Logged? Prices have jumped though! Just a thought!

  10. Clear Cutting is so awful ! Looks like the Amazon Forest after the timber co. Is finished ! Some day there Will be laws prevent that kind of destructive cutting . In the mean time ….thoughts and prayers for you both . Hope you get your hay up . We are small scale haying , enough for meat rabbits through winter . Still it just keeps raining here in Northern Ky. To say nothing about the flooding in eastern Ky. . More Prayers for them ! Sharon

  11. Wish we would get rain to help put out all these fires. I hate to see so many beautiful trees cut down. Another home for birds, bugs and lizards gone.

  12. The photo of the logging being done along your 1 mile road is sad. Looks like they are putting in a freeway. My sympathies to that change happening in your woods.

  13. The power went out for me and I lost 18 frozen chickens- next time I’ll can them up. What a loss! Rain rare and infrequent here. Harvest in full swing with onions, tomatoes, sweet corn. So sad to see the woods clear cut. Wood pile for my heating about done-hard slugging as a one man crew. I don’t water or irrigate and the harvest will be diminished this year. The tomatoes seem to taste less robust. Each year is different and challenging. We haven’t done a second crop of hay due to less rainfall. Making hay has its challenges. Does weather affect tomatoes taste?

  14. Might want to check local law – In many places it’s illegal to trap and “relocate” wildlife. It just moves the problem to another area…

    • In NY, squirrels are an exception for trapping. When I relocated my grey squirrels, though, red ones moved in to take their place. They are mean and nasty little things.

  15. Gosh Jackie. We feel your pain. We have 160+ acres. Neighbor (who has 53 acres) put his trailer very close to property line. Unfortunately our home is close to that line so we can see it. We have a bit of woods in between us and we’ve been planting more pines hoping to fill spaces up someday. It’s a bummer but what ya gonna do? I smoldered :) for awhile but had to let it go, nothing I can do.


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