It started out great. My adopted daughter from India, Monique, and her family came to Minnesota and we all met at son, Bill’s on Sunday for a family get-together. For a change, it wasn’t raining, and the weather was cool and pleasant. We all brought food and not only had a wonderful visit but lots of tasty Mexican food and desserts. I hadn’t seen some of my older grandchildren for years, so it was very special to us. My sisters, Sue and Deb came too, along with my stepdaughter, Tricia, and her family, including grandsons, Tom and Matt. We ate and visited, telling old stories, and catching up with new news. It was also Monique’s husband’s birthday, so granddaughters Maia and Ava sang happy birthday, accompanied with their ukuleles. All too soon, we had to part and get on with our lives. I sure miss my big family!

And this is only PART of our family!
Here I am with some of my grandchildren, left to right: Maia, Sean, Ava, Tom, Matt, Delilah, and Mason.
Maia and Ava singing Happy Birthday to Mike, Maia’s dad.
Bill and Kelly Jo are giving their now-older kids’ Gator to Delilah, but when they went to try it, the battery was low, so David powered it.

We had to leave a little early as the next morning I had to get up at 5:00 AM so I could get chores done and drive two hours plus, to get to Duluth. Our adopted son, Javid, who has been fighting pressure sores on his bottom, was having surgery as he’d gotten a bone infection. That was not good. The doctor had told us he may have to lose the leg, in order to get rid of all of the infection. We were, naturally, pretty worried and scared about that. I got to the hospital at 7:45 AM, only to find his room empty! They had already taken him down for surgery. Luckily, they did let him call his room, as he knew I was coming. We got to speak briefly, and they whisked him into surgery. The day got long but finally at 3:30 PM, the doctor came up to tell me he had amputated Javid’s leg at the hip and he was doing well after the surgery. Javid didn’t come up to his room for another hour, but when he did, he was in good spirits and smiling, where I expected sadness and tears. We even joked a little at him getting a “new butt.” He continues to heal well and maintain good spirits. Brave guy!

I drove home, barely able to sit in the car. My butt was petrified from all the sitting! Then, when I finally got home, I saw the post pounder on the back of the four-wheeler. Oh oh! Yep, the cows had gotten in the North Garden. They ate everything but some squash and pumpkins. I could barely hold it together, after such a trying day. Today, after a couple of days, I’m feeling better but sure wish we didn’t have cows. But I’m sure not going to fight Will about it. Life’s too short. And there are worse things — just ask Javid. — Jackie


  1. Jackie I have never seen this many comments on one of your posts. As I read the comments it became obvious that you impact the lives of so many folks. Y’all’s “story” is a huge inspiration to all of us. As a believer, you know that the Bible tells us that God will not put more on us than we can handle as long as we keep the faith. Rest assured that all of us are praying for you and your family – especially Javid right now.

  2. Jackie, I’m glad you got to see family and the photo is great! But I will ask that our church prays for Javid. I’m sure you know that amputation is a tough thing to heal. Not trying to be down, just worried for you. In trying to move to Idaho as three disabled, things went sideways. The first set of movers we hired made a major mess of our place. Their version of packing was to toss things to the side they didn’t want to pack. Blocked the kitchen and den doors. Arguing with me on packing the truck. I spent hours with the lead guy trying not to loose my temper. What a mess! My husband developed a bad UTI and kidney stone. Spending a day in the ER getting medicine via IV. He’s been in bed for the past week. He was unable to drive much less stand. New movers coming Monday. I’m trying to get everything packed. But I crashed hard and slept for about 20 hours. Fibromyalgia does that to people. Such fun. Tell Javid people are praying for him. Hugs!

    • Thank you Cat. Yes, I do know amputation is a tough heal. I was a veterinary technician for over 22 years and we amputated plenty of legs, even a cow.

  3. prays for you and your family.
    as Scarlet said
    tomorrow’s another day; lets hope them cows stay OUT of the gardens.
    get some rest.

  4. Adding my prayers to all that are already surrounding you and your family, that is a great family picture full of joy and sunshine, Sorry for Javid’s hardship ( he seems to be a strong spirit) you taught him well. I used to have a neighbor who had someone’s else’s cows get into his garden. He told that owner-he was going to get his vegetables one way or another( holding
    his rifle).

  5. Hi Jackie, thank you for the update on Javid, so very sorry he lost his leg. Hope he has a speedy recovery. The family reunion was great and seeing all the grandkids made my heart happy. As for the cows, how are they getting out of the pasture? I know you have good fences and gates.

    • We sure had a good time together. But it was way too short. The gardens are in the pasture. They have 6′ high welded wire fencing, heavy stock panels AND a separate strand of electric wire around them. I think a small calf got under the wire, then tore it down, getting shocked and out. When the electric wasn’t working, some braver cows just tore down the other fencing at the joints. Cows are VERY strong!

  6. I grew up on a farm and cows do get out. I’m sorry that yours made a stop in your north garden and had a steak dinner so to speak. I lost my Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli to something that ate them this year. My tomatoes are producing and producing though.

    Jackie its so nice to spend time with family and catch up. Thank the Lord you could all get together. What a nice looking group.

    Javid’s surgery was a life saver. I’ve seen so many vets with artificial legs and doing well. Maybe Javid will be able to get one to help him get around.

    Prayers for some better weeks ahead for you & Will.

    Ruth Ann

    • Thanks Ruth Ann. As Javid is paralyzed from the waist down, they won’t be getting him a prothesis. But the infection is gone so that will help him get better faster.

  7. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family! What a roller coaster of emotion with your son’s surgery. Will be praying for a speedy recovery. Sorry to hear about the cows. I’m sure they loved the snack.

  8. So sorry for the turn of events for you and your family. Life isn’t fair sometimes. I admire your strength and courage. I am praying for you all.

    • No, we sure don’t have a guarantee that life will be fair. Just look at the people in Ukraine. Thanks for your prayers.

  9. Hang in there friend! Very sorry about the troubles and especially Javid but I’m so happy that you and the family had a great gathering!

  10. What a trying week for you. Getting to see your family was such a blessing. I guess God gives us those blessings to sustain us through our trials. So sorry about Javids loss of leg. Bone infection is so serious. I pray the amputation will take care of the problem. Cows and gardens just don’t mesh, do they. But, like you say, life is to short to fight about it. Plus, beef roast is pretty tasty, lol. Prayers for you, Will and Javid.

    • Thanks so much Marilyn. I’m sure you’re right; God gives us blessings to see us through the dark days. We’re so happy they got all the bone infection, and he is feeling much better.

  11. It seems all of us are having some trials lately. I wonder at times how I can ever keep going but somehow, with God’s grace I do. Not well always…not perfectly but I stagger on. We are nearing the finish line on this ole earth I think…so I must keep going. God bless Javid and Jackie…and Will and on down the line. God strengthen them all and give them a refreshing. ❤

    • Thanks a whole lot Judy. We’ve got to keep going to see what’s in store for us down the line.

  12. Unfortunately, “in this world you shall have tribulation”, even believers do. But, we can prosper in spite of. We have the Lord and He gives peace, rest, healing, prosperity and His word to stand on and not lose heart in well-doing. I always enjoy your updates, and I’ve been scouring and enjoying your cookbooks. It’s been such fun!

    • Thanks Pam. I just wish ALL of my family could have been there. But, we’re scattered all around so that just can’t happen.

  13. I’m praying for you, Jackie. I’m so sorry you had such a very rough week!! Thank you for being so vulnerable and for sharing your life with us. I really admire you!

  14. Wow! boy, you have had a week, haven’t you. Prayers for Javid and for you. I know it was great to see your huge family as we just got to see ours the beginning of July!

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your family member. And, the cows. I have discovered over the years that life is very hard at times. Love and am thinking about you. Take care. Bette

    • Thanks Bette. I sure wish we could have our seminar alumni get together this year, but things just haven’t worked out for us, so we could. Maybe next year???

  16. I’m praying for my Super Hero named Jackie and her Faithful Sidekick Will. Javid? Angel’s All Around!! Yes & Amen.

  17. Hang in there Jackie, God is looking after all of you!!! You’re in my prayers!!! So glad you got to spend time with all the family before the surgery.

    • I think getting together with the family helped me get through the surgery and cows getting the North Garden.

  18. Oh Jackie sending you long distance hugs. So happy you got the time with your family, and heartbroken for Javid, but if thats what it takes to stop the infection so glad he came thru it so well and is in good spirits. Sorry about your garden.

    • Thanks Diana. That’s what we felt; that if it took radical surgery to get rid of the bone infection, it’s what needed to be done. But it was sad.

  19. Oh geez, I’m sorry you’ve had a lot of troubles lately. Life sure has its ups and downs. Praying for Javid to make a good recovery and that he’ll be okay once healed. That has to be tough.
    Hang in there Jackie! Sending love from Missouri!

    • Thanks Kris. We’ll get through all of this. The up side is Javid is doing well and the other gardens are looking fantastic.

  20. So sorry to hear about Javid, I’m glad he has a positive attitude, that will help him heal and adjust. You are blessed to have such a large loving family, it’s just the two of us here, no one left now on either side of our families.

    To farm is to know frustration! What a shame about your garden and all that hard work so close to harvest time. A king snake ate half our baby chickens that were doing so well. Always something, isn’t it?

  21. Oh man…too many emotions in too short of time makes it so overwhelming. Hang in there Miss Jackie. Pyro

  22. I am sure the special family time was a good thing for your sore body and troubled mind. I am so glad to hear Javids surgery went as well as expected, and that they could stop the infection from spreading further. That’s so hard to be sitting that long praying and waiting for a good outcome. When you hadn’t posted all weeks I was becoming concerned Javids surgery went bad. So I am glad it was so well done.

    And Ive been there all to often with my garden, but mine has never been as wonderful or large as yours. A friend of mine came today to get some eggs, and told me her cows also got in her garden and ate everything. Nothing is left, and I just have a heart full of ache for you both. I told my husband we better get the fence up around the garden, because I would also be devastated and so discouraged if I lost another garden to my cows. What was in the north garden? I can’t remember what you’ve said in pst posts.

    • Sorry to have worried you. We were just so crazy, trying to get everything ready for the family get-together and me being away for Javid’s surgery.
      We had watermelons (still hanging in there), four varieties of corn, pumpkins and squash (also hanging in there; I guess cows liked corn better!)

      • Well thank goodness that they only got the corn, and not your tomatoes! My dairy cow got in our corn, but only ate a stalk to two, then moved on to the pigweed. I was so thankful for that!

        Please don’t be sorry about me worrying! I was just praying hard that Javid was okay and so were you guys!

  23. What a week !! So happy that you had the family reunion with that beautiful family.
    Nothing better than grandkid hugs always a time well spent and seared into your memory,
    I’m very sorry about Javid’s leg, but he’s still with us and that’s the real blessing. Prayers for you and yours

    • Thanks Laura. Yep, grandkid hugs always feel warm and special, as do those of your kids, who you haven’t seen for a long time!

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