These wonderful beans sure live true to their name. I planted about 75 feet of them in a single row so our friends could have them. After all, they sure help us out. Well, Heather took a basket full last week and I picked and canned a big basket full two days ago. Then friends, Mike and Dara came over. She said she could use some to make dilly beans, so I sent her out to pick beans with a five-gallon bucket. In about an hour, she came back with it full, saying she needed another bucket. Sure thing! Then Heather showed up, wanting to help. I have an order of fancy peonies coming and my knee has been beyond bad lately so I asked her if she would be willing to tackle the flower bed below the solar panels, so I would have a spot to plant them when they come. She happily got at that right away. Then Dara came back with another five-gallon bucket full and asked for another bucket. There were more beans! Holy cow! Now, I already have lots and lots of green beans down in the pantry, so I didn’t need any. Fortunately, Dara ended up taking a bucket full home, as did Heather. Whew! That only left me with the last pail full to can today. That, I can do. I may have to clear some stored boxes of miscellaneous stuff off the shelves Will told me were not for food. Ha ha ha!

Here’s my share of the latest picking of Providers — 5 gallons!

I’m picking tomatoes every day now. I sent a crate home with Dara yesterday — from varieties I’d already saved plenty of seeds from. And I’ve got cups of seeds fermenting all over the house. Those will be drained and rinsed this afternoon, so the seeds can dry on their paper plates. I’m astounded at the Barry’s Crazy Cherry tomatoes this year. The plants are seven feet tall and filled with grape-like bunches of pretty yellow cherry tomatoes. And boy, are they ever tasty too. I squeeze the seeds out and eat the rest! Spencer is drooling from heaven.

I just love the Barry’s Crazy Cherry tomatoes.

Today, the crew got David’s septic system inspected and covered. Now we just have to do some landscaping and add some rotted manure and mulch. Yea! Another big job done.

Today, the guys finished covering David’s septic system.

— Jackie


  1. IIt is feelling much better so I can get on with harvest. I’m doing wild plums now, both for plum pits (which we offer) and the sweet flesh, which I’m turning into plum sauce. Yum!!! Prices continue to climb every week. On everything!! I saw bread for $7.99 a loaf! Holy cow! I’m sure baking more than I have been because of those prices!

  2. I grow a few varieties of beans every year including provider. This year I added Strike bush bean which is producing crazy amounts of beans per plant.
    I’m kind of stingy with space for small tomatoes but tried some extra varieties along with the two types I always grow. They were all very good but I will add the variety Blush to our yearly lineup. It’s really delicious, beautiful, early and very productive.

  3. I just mailed off an order for Hopi Pale Gray and Borchart’s Squash seeds. That Hopi Pale Gray is the longest lasting, best tasting squash I’ve grown here in AZ.

    Provider bush beans are delicious and productive almost every year. The only other beans I grow every year are Anasazi, Contender, and Dragon Tongue. Last year, due to extreme drought none of my beans produced. This year we got some monsoon rains and my beans are doing so well I planted more last week. Should be plenty of time to get another crop in before first what little cold we get hit.

    • Just to let you know; we’ve just run out of Hopi Pale Grey seeds. I can back-order them until November when we harvest out new seeds or sub a different squash. The drought sure sucks!! I’m hoping all folks affected will get some fall rains soon.

  4. I love provider beans. My dear friend told me about them some years back. I help her at the farmer’s market and she has a stand at her farm and that’s what she plants. As a matter of fact I just put some rows in with my granddaughters, Two 3 yr olds and a 1 yr old, a few weeks ago and they are growing nice. I say can whatever you can you never know what next year will bring in the garden.

  5. That is great that the septic is done. What a burden lifted!!

    As for your beans!!! I guess take then while you can!! You never know what next year will be like. I really like the looks of that new cherry tomato. May have to try them. I sure hope my back and legs will be much better next summer so I can at least have a small garden.

    How are you flowers coming along?

    • Will just went over and spread several loads of composted cow manure over the septic area so David can seed in grass to hold the soil in place.
      Our flowers are doing spectactular!!

  6. Hooray for a passed-inspection/now buried septic system. Some people refuse to live in a home with a septic but I’ll take that over a city sewer (and water) system any day.
    Watching sales to keep our supplies at required levels – I too think weather AND the never-ending supply chain issues will cause shortages. Might be enough out there but will the stores/business from whom you buy have them and at a price that is not gouging? Amazon jacked up prices but you get “free” shipping. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
    Hope your knee feels better.


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