After spending two days cleaning my seed-scattered house and baking/cooking up a storm, Bill and his family and David and his family arrived to help us enjoy the day and feast on all the goodies. As my oven had turned off, unbeknownst to me, for an hour, I thought the turkey would be an hour late. But, luckily, after the problem was fixed, the turkey finished up right on time! Hooray! We all stuffed ourselves on turkey (of course), stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet corn, dinner rolls, and lots of scattered goodies — pickles, watermelon rind pickles, cranberry sauce, etc. Granddaughter, Delilah, made us all laugh when she discovered she loved cranberry sauce and set her spoon down, grabbed double handfuls of cranberry sauce, and stuffed it into her mouth, again and again. Luckily, as always, I had lots!

We all sat down to the table, groaning with food.

After eating, grandson Mason, David, and Delilah settled in on the sofa to let the meal sink a bit before desserts, while Will, Bill, Kelly Jo, and Ava went down to visit the horses. After all, Ava always has to take Ladyhawk her treats and it was Thanksgiving, after all. I had to laugh. As usual, David sank lower and lower on the couch, with Delilah on his lap, watching Mickey Mouse on his phone. Pretty soon, he was asleep. The turkey, you know…

David, Mason, and Delilah, letting dinner settle.

After the family had left, Will turned the TV on while he filled the wood box. The National Dog Show was on and we had to laugh. Sarge sat and watched the show dogs do their stuff through three groups. He barked when he saw the terriers. I’m not sure what he thought. But, yes, the Bedlington Terrier did look like a lamb…

Sarge didn’t know what to think of the dog show. Hondo wasn’t impressed.

Yesterday, our friends Mike and Dara, came over to help package seeds. We’re always so glad to have them come by, not only for the help they provide but companionship of like-minded folk, as well. We also had a left-over Thanksgiving dinner to wrap up our evening. It’s always as good, the second time around! — Jackie


  1. Glad your Thanksgiving was great. I had to laugh at the dog and door solution. I thought it was smart of Will to try that for your pup. Looking forward to growing your prized Hopi squash this spring. How much space per plant do they occupy? Guessing something like watermelon or most pumpkins. But a number like 10 to 15 feet would be helpful. At least for me. 😆. Love your blog.

    • Hopis are VERY strong vining. Some of my vines were 25 feet long +. You can plant them fairly near other pumpkins or squash which vine (as long as they aren’t the same species if you want to save pure seeds), but don’t plant them near watermelons or cukes or row crops such as onions or turnips, as they’ll quickly cover them, greatly reducing or even eliminating their crop. They will also climb, such as fences, trees or just about anything!

  2. I’m glad you had a great day and were able to get your oven working again. On Thanksgiving morning I turned mine on to preheat for the turkey only to find it wouldn’t heat up! It had been a bit slow lately but did fine the day before when baking pies and rolls. Long story short, the whole meal and ingredients were packed up and moved to the house/kitchen of one of the guests. Despite the challenges of cooking in a strange kitchen and on an electric range instead of gas, everything amazingly came out fine, including the turkey!

    Fortunately the family-owned gas company we use was able to come yesterday and replace the igniter. They’re a God-send as Cookie Santa (me) needs to start baking!

    • Oh my! I’ll bet you were running in circles for a while! I’m so glad you got it fixed for cookie baking. I’ll be starting that pretty soon too.

  3. Although Thanksgiving is observed on Thursday, I have found that Friday works really well too. My two daughters will perhaps find that the in-laws choose that day, and I figure instead of splitting, its more fun for them to enjoy a second full day of feasting on Friday. Its so relaxing knowing they don’t have to share the day, and we eat, work on a 1000 piece puzzle, play cards, eat…more…so I’m with you, its the day with family, regardless of the date. I’m the same way with Easter, Saturday fits too.
    Glad you had your family feast from your bounty and building memories for the young’ins because those will last a lifetime. It is such a precious gift of time to remember.
    Now on to the Christmas plans!

    • Yep. On the “real” holiday, Will and I just quietly share a meal and reflect on the meaning of the day, getting ready for our family holiday, which will follow soon.
      I’m already planning the Christmas meal.

  4. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your family is so beautiful.
    I chuckled at Delilah discovering cranberry sauce! So cute!
    I laughed out loud hearing about and seeing Sarge watching the dog show on TV and barking at the “lambs”! What good dogs you have.
    Did you discover what was ailing Sarge regarding crossing the threshold?

    • We did! It seems he must have been scared, slipping on the slippery laminate flooring. So Will moved the braided rug into the entry from the living room and I put another area rug down in the living room. Problem solved! It was more fun to think it was invisible zombies or ghosts.

  5. Nice family photo, quiet Thanksgiving here for us -just the wife and I. Son’s and wives with in-laws. It was time for us to reflect on our many blessings. Enjoyable Holiday.

    • Yep, our “real” Thanksgiving meal was just Will and I while the boys and their families were at the in-laws. But we got together Saturday and had a wonderful day.

  6. LOL.. quite the chuckle of out David succumbing to into the post-turkey dinner sleep. Personally, turkey and fixings always seem to taste even better the next day(s) despite how good they tasted on *the day*. Perhaps it is “oh, I get to eat it AGAIN”.
    I’m sure Sarge thought what the heck. While I don’t begrudge those who raise and show cats/dogs, I’m not sure the animals ever get to experience being, well, the animal they are. And I find that a bit sad. Sure they are very well cared for but IMHO, a dog needs to be able to run and jump outside. A cat needs to zoom through the house, chasing real or imaginary “prey”.
    Regardless, a good time had by all.

    • I agree. Show animals must be perfectly groomed so miss out on a whole lot of critter fun. Will calls our four-footed family “Grand Champion Buddies”, even though they don’t have papers. I agree with him and wouldn’t trade them for anything else.

  7. So glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving! We did here too. I made our pie from a Hopi pale squash and it was fabulous! As well as turned some of in banana bread, which was a sure-fire win here!

    I can’t wait to buy seeds!

    • I made two Hopi Pale Grey pies, much of one went home with Bill’s family. So I think I’d better bake another squash so Will doesn’t feel deprived.

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