Yesterday, I packaged seeds in their mailing envelopes for the first time. It may seem like a small thing, but I felt it was a victory of sorts. I’ve been going to rehab three times a week, so between that, exercises at home, and trying to get a few normal chores done here at home, it’s become a very busy day! Every day, lately. But I know all the exercises are bound to help my knee heal faster, so I’m trying to do the best I can with them.

Buffy stays with me all day and night, helping me get well.

I have to laugh. Our two cats, Mittens and Buffy, have decided they need to take care of me. Buffy sleeps on the foot of the bed and Mittens comes to lay next to my head at night. Sometimes I wake up, just waiting for a major cat fight to erupt, right over my face. But, luckily, so far, that hasn’t happened. In fact, one of them decided I looked hungry. When I woke up, there was the back half of a mouse lying on the floor between the legs of my walker! Ish. Not a pretty sight. I couldn’t reach down far enough to get hold of it to dispose of it, so I kicked it out of the way. Then, I spent the rest of the night hoping one of the cats hadn’t brought it up onto the bed! Luckily, they hadn’t, and Will got rid of it the next morning. Such is life.

No, these daffodils aren’t blooming here yet. But this photo gives me hope that in a few weeks we’ll see their cheerful faces again.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to plant my petunia seeds that I got from Baker Creek. I really can’t wait. But I first have to go to an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for a checkup at 9 AM. I hope that goes well. Flowers are more fun though! — Jackie


  1. so glad to hear you re progressing so well. planting our spring seeds is always a happy, healthy
    recuperation:) i sowed my onions ,artichoke an asparagus this week. so fortunate to be healthy myself this year.
    God Bless you and your family

  2. Flowers are WAY more fun than rehab. I have a similar collection of daffodils just outside the front door. Thanks for sharing the spring pictures. They are sweet gift in this time of the winter.

  3. You are an inspiration Jackie… in many ways. I will remember your trials when I someday have my own to face and must preserve through. It makes me wonder if healing isn’t equally challenging mentally as it is physically? Know that we are rooting for you… You Go Girl!

    • Thanks Dianne. My problem is the better I get, the more bored I am when forced to lay with my leg elevated (when I could be doing something!). So, yes, mentally. Definitely.

  4. Little victories are where it’s at. Eventually they add up to big victories! Keep on keepin’ on. :)

    Cats are good medicine and such “helpers”. They just have to be in on everything. I’m glad yours are behaving themselves. Mine always supervised my PT exercises. Nothing like getting a head butt on the chin while trying to do leg raises. LOL!

    Continues prayers for a smooth recovery.

  5. When I was a kid, our cat would catch gophers and put them on the front steps, then mom would make him warm milk!

  6. Such sweet kitties! Glad to hear you’re getting better! Stick with your rehab and soon this will all be a distant memory ?

    • Oh yeah, I’m even going in to work out on the machines between rehab appointments. I want this OVER with!

  7. hope the check up goes well. sounds like you’re doing what you can to get better…prayers!
    katherine jordahl

    • Good news, the doctor was happy with my progress. I’ll admit to being a little worried he’d find me lacking somehow.

  8. Best of luck at your appointment. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to recover. Planting flowers is fun and will give you a lot of joy this spring. Prayers for a good check up and continued recovery.

  9. Just gotta love the kitties! Aren’t they so funny. Clearly, one was so proud to show you his great catch! HaHa!
    Between your 2 little “nurses”, petunias, physical therapy, and lots of prayers….you’re going to do great! Keep up the good work and keep pushing through.
    Love the updates. Thank you Jackie!
    Janet C.

  10. i have had three knee replacements.. one of my parts were defective revealed later. no fun at the time.. the key is to keep with the therapy and exercises they give you. the people who complain and fail are the ones that don’t keep doing what they tell you to do.. no pain no gain they tell you. Doing well now. am in your age bracket a couple years younger. got you in my prayers.. alan

  11. It sure is slow to recover from this type of surgery.
    I’m glad your able to do a little more all the time.
    Mittens and Buffy are doing a good job of taking care of
    you but I’m sure you could have done without the gift
    of a mouse lol
    Hope your appt goes well tomorrow and can plant the Petunia Seeds
    sometime during the day.
    Take care and continue in your recovery with therapy and exercises.
    In no time you’ll look back and be glad to be on the other side.

    • Oh yes! The appointment with the doc went well and he said to just keep pushing through the rehab. And, yep, that half a mouse was not really welcomed by me.

  12. Yes, do the rehab. My doc told me surgery is pointless & useless unless you do the rehab. But I know you have got staying power and I think that is really important, too. Some people will do a week or two and then just sit down and stop! Prayers for you & yours.

    • Thanks! I just keep pushing to get farther and farther with the flexing. Strength-wise, I’m, excellent and now have weights attached to my ankles during rehab. Thanks for the prayers!

  13. Oh Jackie!
    I just LOVE your posts! EVERYTHING about them.
    I’m so glad you are keeping up with your PT. I know it’s hard and gets in the way of everyday life, but it will help you so much.
    Aren’t animals amazing!? Those cats have put their differences aside and are working together to help you.
    One of my dogs saved us from burning up in a house fire!
    My son’s dog rescued him when he passed out while in the wilderness. She ran quite a ways to jump in the lake then ran back and layed on his face getting him cooled and supplying moisture. We’re convinced she saved his life.
    I hope you get a glowing report from the surgeon.
    Rest when you need to and know “you got this”

    • Wow, aren’t animals the best? Mom and Dad’s little rescue dog woke them up during a house fire, saving them and my sister’s lives. Your son’s dog was amazing!! They’re way smarter than we think.
      The doctor says I”m doing great. Whew!!!

  14. Yep, you don’t want stiffness, and arthritis to set in. I can get on my knees, but haven’t been able to squat for years now. Watch out.

    • No, I sure don’t! Even when I get to 100%, I won’t be able to kneel. I asked the doctor, and he said part of the new knee is a plastic and that part would wear out prematurely if I knelt too much. But I haven’t been able to kneel or squat for six years now, so that won’t be a huge loss.

  15. Sherrie in Ohio
    You are so smart to get in all the rehab you can. It really makes a huge difference in your range of motion in the long run. Prayers to you both.

    • I’m doing all I can, including going in to use the hospital’s machines when I don’t have rehab appointments. I’ll be glad when this is all past, though.

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