A week ago, we received several boxes of our new Seed Treasures catalogs. We were so tickled. Our friend, Ilene Duffy, edited and formatted the 2023 seed catalog and the printer did their magic. Thousands of catalogs were sent out to return customers and now everyone is busily selecting their new garden seeds for this spring. It’s been so rewarding to have started this little homestead business! Every time we ship out seeds, it’s like sending our little children out into the world, hopefully to do well. We love our seeds and the stories behind them. And the business was all started, due to our beloved Hopi Pale Grey squash! How strange life is.

Here’s our new catalog. If you’d like one, just email me at jackieclay2007@yahoo.com.

Yesterday, Will spotted a grouse down by the beaver pond, eating buds from a birch tree. We’ve even seen them, right in our yard, doing the same thing. It’s so much fun to watch the various wildlife around our wildwood home. The tracks you see below the tree are from the deer, who come across the beaver pond to eat the corn we put out for them daily.

See the grouse, high in the birch tree? He’s eating buds.

Sarge was a bad boy! I got up yesterday to have Will tell me he ate a hole in our new couch! I mean a hole, hole — not just a little tear. Holy cow! He could have eaten the old couch… Now I’ve got to figure out a way to patch it. He isn’t getting on that couch again. And, this evening, he’s sleeping on Hondo, on the old couch — the dog couch. Now, he’s got to go in his crate at night to prevent more “accidents.”

ad Sarge is sleeping with Hondo on the dog couch.

My knee continues to heal. Yesterday, I was given the go-ahead to be off the walker in the house. That sure is nice as hauling it around gets to be a real pain, rumpling up rugs, hanging on extension cords, etc. — Jackie


  1. We are getting 8 to 12 tomorrow so your catalog is heaven sent! If I keep the curtains closed I can pretend it’s almost spring while I shop for seeds. So glad you are finished with the walker and you are doing better!!! Pyro

  2. I had a cat that liked to chew. No holes in the furniture but teeth marks on plenty of furniture. Only cat I’ve had that did that.
    Since the snow/ice we got last week is basically gone (a few piles of snow from various plowing still exist), we’ll get some more to replace it. Weather prognosticators have been a bit wishy-washy on the amount. I’ll plan for the worst (ran errands this morning) and hope for the best. However moisture is moisture which bodes well for gardening and foraging.

  3. I got my catalog the other day, Thank you! Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I was always told, “keep moving if you want to keep moving”. I’m sure you follow the same advice. No time to sit around when there is so much to do. I’m sure you are following the doctor’s advice too. I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly.

  4. We used to have a red bone hound that I swear was part beaver! He’s been gone 5 yrs but I still have chew marks on the footboard of the bed, missing wooden handles on chests, etc. He completely destroyed the door on his crate, 2 wing back chairs, & several wooden side chairs. His favorite “chew” toy was a brick!

    • Ha that is funny. When My dog was a pup I heard her gnawing away on something and I assumed it was her piece of elk antler which she loved chewing on. When I looked she was gnaing on the wall! I had to put that white stuff and paint over it.

  5. I received your catalog last week. Really nicely done. Can’t wait to finish my order!

    Glad you are progressing with the walker. You can do it!!

  6. Received you catalog last Friday. We have trees in bloom here and spring is basically here (Texas). I still have tomato and pepper seeds to start, but like to start them here late December to mid January! Our average last frost date is March 15…….. Wow, it is a stark reminder of the various regions of the U.S. reading here. I can remember that from my OTR trucking days, but when gardening it really hits home.

  7. I received your catalog last week. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list even though I don’t order big every year.

    We’re expecting snow here in a couple of days. Temperatures have fluctuated all winter. I am going to try again this year and hope I have better results with the garden. You always inspire me with every blog that I am fortunate enough to get from you. Blessings.

    • I know I’ll sure be glad to see spring this year. Hopefully, by then, my knee will be well and I can get back to normal. Keep on trying with the garden! I’m praying you’ll see a huge success.

  8. Glad to hear that you’re continuing to improve! Now that I have the catalog in hand, I might have to place another order!

  9. I was given one of your old catalogs by a friend. How do I get on your mailing list for the new catalog?

    • Yup! With a hole in the new couch, I just looked at Sarge’s cute face and couldn’t stay mad.

  10. Got my catalog a couple days ago. We had -20 two nights ago and expect 4 inches of snow today. I have a Dr appointment a couple hundred miles away tomorrow if the roads are ok (have to go over a 3400 foot pass on the way)! Would like to make the appointment as in hopping to get off the walker that I have been using for the last month to heal a surgery wound and another on the bottom of my foot that has been giving me trouble for two and a half years. The surgery was to take pressure off the wound. Hope you keep healing!

    • And I hope you heal quickly, as well. Aren’t walkers fun??? No, they aren’t! We’ve had -28 recently but now it’s back up to the 20’s above. Come on spring!!

  11. So glad your knee is healing and you are making progress with walking. Got our seed catalog today and we are looking forward to receiving seeds shortly. We are ready to start our hot peppers followed by bell peppers and tomatoes. Still getting a lot of snow here but we need the moisture so won’t complain. Have a wonderful day and continued healing.

    • Thanks so much! We’re gearing up to begin seed starting here, too. Petunias, then onions, then hot peppers, etc. Whew, I hope my knee keeps on getting better.

  12. Glad to hear Sarge may have had a good reason to try to get into that new couch! Animals have their reasons for behaviors, that they can’t always explain to us. Lots of new snow up
    here in Northern MN today.

  13. I’ve used the fabric off the back of the couch to repair damage. You can replace the fabric on the back with a coordinating fabric. Glad that your knee is improving. Healing can sure take its own sweet time but following the doctor’s orders leads to a great result.

  14. Just got my catalog, Jackie! Can’t wait to sit in front of the wood stove with a cup of coffee and read it cover to cover. :)

  15. Hi Jackie. This is Marena and Ralph markel and we just got our seed order. It cost $10.40 to ship so I will be mailing you the difference. I see you only charged me $5 shipping. Glad to hear your healing well and quickly.

  16. I had just spent an afternoon working through the seed catalog on my computer (technology isn’t my forte) when I received the catalog in the mail! Very excited to read through it and compare my notes and get my order sent in! I’m hoping to help my Mom with a low acid tomato and my Daughter with some short season tomatoes. Thanks for always having such variety!

  17. Dear Jackie, How wonderful to hear you are getting better and stronger. How do we in the South (East Central Alabama) get one of your catalogs? I would love to see if you Hopi squash would grow here. We are having the usual hot wet spring in Wedowee, Alabama.

  18. Had the same problem with a new couch, seems the foam in it had been in a warehouse with mice and other vermin. The smell is what causes dogs and cats to try to get into where the smell is. So sorry.

    • Oh well, now I’ve got to figure out how to patch it so it doesn’t show so much. Sarge is in the de-stuffing age; blankets, stuffed toys, etc. etc.

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