I just came across pictures of Sarge, taken the day I brought him home. He was so little! Hondo towered above him several inches. I guess, when you see something every day, you just don’t notice the growth. Today, Sarge is way bigger than Hondo, even though they are still best buddies and play like little puppies. But Sarge takes up most of the couch now and even has to just back up and sit on it like a person when Hondo is lying down on it. I know I could never pick him up now, as I could barely lift him when I brought him home. He was kind of like lifting 70 pounds of Jello!

Sarge was such a little, big guy back then.
seems he’s grown and is only 9 months old!

I’m busily making a list of all the varieties I plan on planting this spring. Last year, we planted nearly 150 kinds of tomatoes, alone! I doubt that it’ll be less this year. I’m trying to alphabetize them, but usually forget one or two and have to go back and squeeze the names into the list. Without this guide, I’d be lost, both planting seeds and transplanting into the garden.

I just thought I’d give you a bit of hope for spring! NO, this isn’t our yard now!

David’s been working on mudding and taping sheetrock every day (or should I say night, as he works several hours after getting home at 11:30 PM). Sheetrocking is our very least favorite part of construction. None of us has the “touch,” as a few lucky folks do. This is going slow but getting closer every day. I’ll be so glad when my knee gets better so I can help out. — Jackie


  1. I am also currently mudding a room. I am also currently on tranquilizers!!! Just kidding. I hate doing it too. The good part is that I am the only one who “sees” the goofs afterwards. Visitors do not bring a mag glass :-)
    Your pictures are a bright spot today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats on the 115 and headed for the 120! I have found that having one knee done has saved much stress on the other one that is badly arthritic also. I’ll keep my arthritic one as long as possible, so I can kneel on it, using as an awkward form of getting back up as needed. (That isn’t a pretty sight, but function matters to me, ha.)
    Good to hear of David’s progress, sorry to hear about the couch, yikes! Looking forward to getting the catalog!

    • Kneeling/squatting is the non-starter for my better half having a knee replacement. The “lubricant” injections have been doing the trick for him (he does *not* expect to be pain free – too many years of physical labor plus we both believe some arthritis is hereditary).
      While we aren’t getting buried under feet of snow, another round heading our way. Supplies laid in, persnickety generator back to behaving, and no reason to be on the road(s).
      One month away from Good Friday tater planting day. We’ll see what the weather brings lol. I’m sure my Grandpa had at least one, if not a few, Good Friday’s where tater planting just did not happen.

  3. I’ve been part of the mudding and taping crew on a couple of our houses. Most definitely my least favourite job! David’s moving right along on his cabin! It will be lovely for all of you to be close.
    Your photo of the garden was a delight. We’re continuing to have rain/snow here in the Gulf Islands and feels as though Spring will never arrive. Of course it will, but I’m so keen to get out planting, so hopefully soon! Happy to hear your knee is steadily improving!

  4. Its been in the 70s & 80s here (eastern NC) for several weeks. We’re chomping at the bit to get into the gardens but we keep remembering that our 2 worst snow/ice events were the last weekend in March. So we keep making plans, buying seeds, doing pantry inventory, etc until at least mid April when we can let loose & begin!!!!

  5. It is so nice to see pictures of sunny days and flowers. I am anxious for warm weather and planting. Sounds like David is getting closer to finishing his cabin. Mud and tape seemed to me to be the worst part of finish work. Put it on, take it off, and all that dust with sanding. Yuk! It eventually gets done thankfully. Prayers for a good week.

  6. Yes, time does fly by; so remember, before no time your knee surgery will be a distant memory! Thanks for the summer flower pictures. We have stormy rain and severe winds today.

  7. I hate mudding and taping but I would gladly help him if he were closer to Georgia. We have built several houses, so I have done it many times.
    I’ve watched David grow up, so it would be like helping one of my kids. I’m so proud. He’s going to be close to you. I’m glad you’re doing better. Always nice to see progress.


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