Boy oh boy do I wish this would stop for a while. We really want to get in the gardens to till, spread manure, and get ready to start planting β€” at least our cold weather crops like potatoes. But we’ve been having at least a couple of rains every day and the ground is totally saturated, as in squishy. Ugh! Fortunately, it’s good for the flowers. We’ve never had so nice a bloom on our lilacs and daffodils. All of the flowers in the beds are looking very good and I’m looking forward to seeing an abundance of blooms. I’ve got the new part of the front yard nearly all planted now and hauled out a couple of benches and chairs so when friends come, we can go out and sit amidst nature while we visit.

The rain is making our flowers really shine this year.

Will’s been busy in our back yard. Two of our poor Evans Bali cherry trees were leaning away from the big trees to their east. And we knew the roots of those big trees were sucking up nutrients that the cherry trees needed. They produced so abundantly last year; we didn’t want anything to slow them down. So, he cut down those offending big trees. After limbing them, he stacks them on the bucket of the little Kubota and hauls them out to the firewood pile. Waste not, want not! He’s also started in on our next solar array, pouring cement into the tubes making the base, in between rains.

Will’s been busy trying to make our little cherry trees happy by removing the big trees that were shading them out.
Our new solar array will have six panels, charging our battery bank even faster.

We had to take our car in today for repairs on the rear end, to the tune of about $2,500. Holy cow! Just when we kind of get caught up. Oh well, stuff happens, and that car doesn’t owe us anything. It’s got over 200,000 miles on it so far and not much for repairs up until now. We’ll have to garden until our blood pressure returns to normal.

I told Sarge we may have to cut down on his Milk Bones to pay for our car repair.

Our little onion plants look terrific after all this rain. I think we’ll have bushels of them, come fall. Hooray! — Jackie


  1. Your flowers are beautiful.

    Super on more solar panels. A few years ago, I remember Will was working on repairing a wind generator…… Is that still up and going?

  2. Your garden flowers are absolutely beautiful!!! Its such a good idea to make a sitting area there where you can smell the pretty blooms. There are so many things to keep up with even with all the rain, but it looks like you and Will are ahead of the game:) My grandson’s ball games are picking up now so between garden chores and house chores and ball games, it is a very busy time. I am so thankful for all of it! Sending prayers for a blessed week!

    • Thanks again Marilyn! We’ve got so much to do this time of the year it sometimes feels overwhelming, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate. We did get in the Wolf Garden and tilled where our potatoes will be planted (hopefully tomorrow) and today, Will’s working at getting our hoop houses repaired and new plastic put on so I can plant our peppers. One day at a time….

  3. We’ve had rain and looking to be dry for at least a week. Nothing worse than water logged strawberries.

  4. Hi Jackie, do we need to send Sarge a care package? When a car been faithful for two hundred thousand miles, it’s going to have problems. (Unfortunately). Fingers crossed for no more break downs, no rain, and no starving dogs. Your flowers are beautiful.

    • Naw, I was just having a bad day. I apologized to Sarge last night and he’s recovered. It seems like vehicles love to keep you broke and crazy. Hey, Will has five tractors and only one was running!! Mine!

  5. Gorgeous blooms! :( poor Sarge. yep auto expenses really get ya. Wouldnt it be nice, if we could program the rains! :) ‘now stop.. dry out enough to plant.. now let’er rain!’
    enjoy the blooms, relax an keep BP down! until gardening helps. take care

    • I guess nobody would get it right. That’s God’s job. But sometimes we wonder if He’s taking a nap….
      We’re loving the blooms. Today I’m cutting a bunch of lilac blooms to bring inside. Love the smell!

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