And we thought we’d had our fill of rain. Ha ha. I’m glad we planted like crazy before this last rain. In a little more than 24 hours, we got seven inches of pouring rain! I mean it thundered, lightning, strong wind, and pouring rain all night and then all day with very little letting up. We kept a close watch on the weather as we were not only under severe thunderstorm warnings but also flash flood and pop-up tornado warnings! I did need to water the hanging baskets and flowers on our front fence, so I guess God took it upon himself to handle that, huh? We watched as our creek-fed beaver pond got bigger and bigger. I’m sure all the rivers and creeks in our area are at flood stage today.

I think God thought I needed to water my hanging baskets. He has a great sense of humor…

I did, previously, get nearly all of our beans and corn for the seed business planted, plus the last of the squash and some peppers while Will got the second hoop house covered with greenhouse plastic. (We have learned that using the cheaper plastic rolls from our local farm store is worthless. It never made it for an entire summer without coming apart, where the greenhouse plastic lasts for at least 5 years — left on all winter, too.)

We were amazed at how much it poured rain and how LONG. Today, though, is dry.

Today, I won’t be able to even walk in any of the gardens, but I do hope to finish planting the rest of the peppers in the hoop houses. Luckily, the soil in there is moist but not soggy. Our pepper plants look awesome this year, so I hope to make tons of cowboy candy (sweet, pickled jalapeño slices) and vaquero relish plus gaucho relish from the extra syrup. We never seem to have enough, especially when we give it away to our friends and family, who are also hooked on them all. Oh, I forgot cowgirl candy too! (sweet pepper chunks in cowboy candy syrup). Darn, now I’m getting hungry! — Jackie


  1. Wow, that’s a lot of rain. Those kinds of storms are what my brother calls duck drownders lol. I hate to hear this is happening in your area. We could use some of that rain here. Even though we had a terrific hail storm a while back, we got very little rain and I have been having to water my garden already. Hot temps and winds sure dry things out quickly. Its always a challenge when gardening or farming. Im glad to hear you got most of your planting done. My peppers are looking good this year also. This may be the year for a surplus of them and I can make lots of jalapeno pepper poppers to freeze. My family likes to have them at our Christmas meal. Sending prayers for a blessed week.

    • We’re still dealing with the rains and flooding that occurred last week. Some parts of several gardens have big washouts on them, and other parts were simply flooded. Fortunately, we seem to have lost little planted seed. If I could send you some rain, I sure would as it’s raining again today. : ( You’re right, there’s always a challenge in farming and gardening. But the rewards are definitely worth it if we just keep on keeping on.

    • I totally agree and add my prayers to yours! We thought, because we had very little snow all winter, that we might be in for another drought. But the switch got flipped and now it won’t stop raining.

  2. I saw the tornado watches and warnings and thought of you! Happy they didn’t materialize 😊We got a big storm but we live on a hill so no worries. You sure get a lot of work done!

    • We were a little nervous, but those nasty clouds went way north of us and then east. We were sure glad. We live on a hill too so weren’t affected by the creek and pond flooding. That was by design, not accident, as we’ve seen flash floods in New Mexico and decided to build up higher. Just in case.

  3. Jackie, Even if you have to stomp around In your boots to go outside, your flowers are looking beautiful. Here in south central Ohio, we are in high 90’s and getting very little rain. I will laugh when I crunch out to water my plants while thinking of you slogging your way. So glad you got your stuff planted. I thought of you when we were watching the storms move your way and always keep you two in mind. You’re doing God’s work up there.

    • I gave up on boots. They just get sucked off my feet! I’m in wet tennies, which I just switch out as my feet pucker from the wet.
      We always say God is our gardening partner!

  4. Hi Jackie,
    I enjoy reading your Blog and keeping up with you and Will on your Homestead. I am grateful for the times we got to visit you years ago….you have accomplished so much and we have learned a lot.
    I have one request, please add the state after the names of folks who respond to you, helps make sense of what they share knowing what part of the country they live. Take care of your knees! The garden looks beautiful!

  5. The biggest “mistake” with cowboy candy is to give some jars to friends and family! They will all come back for seconds. At a pound of peppers per pint jar, lots need to be planted.

    • Ha ha! That’s why I can my Cowboy Candy in half pint jars!! Everybody always is hinting they would like a jar when they come for a visit. It makes my peppers go further!

  6. I think you need to post the recipe for the cowboy and cowgirl candy… I know my husband would be thrilled to try it.

  7. Hi Hackie , could you please give me the brand name of the greenhouse plastic you use ? Thank you ! Enjoy your blog and all your yummy recipes !

  8. Reminds me of the day we got 7″ in an hour. But, at least we had sun the rest of the day. Happy those torrential storms are rare.

  9. Hello Miss Jackie…about the cowboy candy…I don’t grow the huge number of peppers you do. Is it ok to collect them and freeze till I have enough to make cowboy candy or will they be too mushy? Thoughts? Thanks so much, Pyro

    • Unfortunately, frozen peppers will be too soft for Cowboy Candy. If I don’t have enough, I bite the bullet and buy some from a local market. Must have Cowboy Candy at any cost!! : )

      • Thanks so much Miss Jackie. I was thinking they’d be too soft. My backup plan is now the local market and then better plans for next year. I can go through a half pint a week! They are so good I put them on everything except my oatmeal :-)


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