Issue #138 of Backwoods Home Magazine. November/December, 2012


Issue #138 • November/December, 2012



6  Editor’s Note

8  Editorial:
      Hiding from the government

48  Irreverent joke page

53  Ayoob on Firearms:
      Taking a look at sights

59  Ask Jackie:
      Canning on a wood range, storing wheat, raising geese, smoking meat, etc.

66  Making a Living
      Jeri McFarlane: JarBOX

80  Letters

83  The last word:
      Why I vote Libertarian

84  Classified ads (pdf)

84  Classified advertising form

85#   Advertiser Index

86-94   BHM anthologies & books

95-96  Order form/Subscription Info

For a subscription
Call Toll Free 1-800–835-2418

Cover 138
This issue’s cover is a water color by Don Childers, who is now 82 and has painted most of BHM’s covers, including the first. Like many of his most intriguing paintings, this one just eased out of his paintbrush one day. We have been saving it for two years, for just this issue.


8  The underground economy
   By Claire Wolfe

16  Bartering for bad times
   By John Silveira

28  Swedish log candle
   By Nick Weston

63  Spin wool with a drop spindle
   By Hazel Cory


36  Build a ski sled
   By Kai Moessle

40  Building Eric’s house, part 8
   By Dorothy Ainsworth

42  Build a better doghouse
   By John Barr

50  Tips on setting tile with Tony Jakacky
   By Tony Jakacky

Farm and garden

32  Build a wood-fired stock tank heater
   By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Food and recipes

22  Deconstructing a bowl of red
   By Richard Blunt

68  Food security 101
   By Rowena Aldridge

76  Tasty dishes from the curry world
   By Habeeb Salloum


44  How to suture skin
   By Joe and Amy Alton

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