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Cover 144
The cover is a scene from Managing Editor Annie Tuttle’s Oregon farm. Her three dogs are shown, but four of her seven cats are not. Son Gavin is manning the wheelbarrow. Her red barn is not quite as handsome as this one, but she and husband, Erik, are slowly turning the farm into their dream homestead.


22  Homestead water
By Patrice Lewis

32  Build your own solar-powered burglar alarm
By Ronnie Ashmore

34  Security motion lights
By Karen Marshall

37  Leaving Yuppieford
By Brenda Stickney

41  Rats!
By Joe Alton, M.D.

52  Survival/utility vest
By David Eddings

61  Tips for older homesteaders
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson


45  Eye-catching signs with mirrors
By David Lee

76  Wasted hay means wasted money
By Stan Opal

Farm and garden

8  Cherries on your homestead
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Alternative energy

18  Job site solar power
By Jeff Yago, P.E., CEM