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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Tenth Year
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6  Note from the publisher7  Editorial:   Should both drugs and guns be legal?

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55   Ayoob on firearms:
“Best buy” Backwoods .45

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Cover 59
The painting on the cover is based on the photograph of the house supplied by Michael Hackleman on page 73 in his water article. The original house was built by Steve Heckeroth and is a townhouse with a tower incorporated into it. On the cover, we show a telescope, so the platform serves as an observatory. But in Heckeroth’s design the platform was meant to hold a water tank, a wind machine, or both.

8   Start your food storage on $10 a week    By Alan T. Hagan
Alan Hagan provides a common sense approach to starting a food storage program on a shoestring budget. He demonstrates how a smart shopper, with little money, can accumulate a handsome store of food in a reasonable amount of time.

18    Seven common medicinal plants    By Marcella Shaffer

30    Raise tobacco for trade or barter in hard times    By Rev. J.D. Hooker

34   Making maple syrup    By Marcella Shaffer

57    Roughing it with plastic trash bags    By Christopher Nyerges

70    The Water System, Part 2: Tanks and Pumps    By Michael Hackleman
This is the second installment of Michael Hackleman’s three-part series on water. In this issue he explores tanks and pumps that can be incorporated into a self-sufficient water system.


22  &nbsp Cooking from food storage with rice  &nbsp By Richard Blunt

Richard Blunt provides four great rice recipes as he traces the history on one of the oldest—and certainly the most widely cultivated—foods known to man.

36  &nbsp The solar bakery—quickbreads and cakes  &nbsp By Jennifer Stein Barker


40  &nbspTeach speed reading to your children even if you can’t speed read yourself  &nbsp By George Stancliffe

You can teach your children to speed read without knowing how to speed read yourself. George Stancliffe provides step-by-step instructions that can turn your kid into a reading superstar.

Farm and Garden

15  &nbsp Leaf it to old Mother Nature  &nbsp By Jim Mcpherson

16  &nbsp Harvesting and freezing apples  &nbsp By Tom R. Kovach

53  &nbspBlanching vegetables  &nbsp By Tom R. Kovach

62  &nbsp Waising wascally wabbits for din-dins  &nbsp By Don Fallick

Country Living

14  &nbsp A house for an outdoor dog  &nbsp By Tom R. Kovach


85  &nbspA salvaged oak floor for $5  &nbsp By Robert L. Williams