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No matter how cold (or how late) it is, the kids are still going to play in the fluffy snow on a moonlit night. Luckily, there is a warm pot of bean stew on the stove inside. Although winter can be long and trying, this beautiful cover by BHM artist Don Childers captures the joy of a well-prepared family enjoying winter fun.

6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
Putting it all on the Amtrak line for Self-Reliance magazine

50  Ayoob on Firearms:
Understanding the gun debate, part 3

67  Irreverent joke page

68  Ask Jackie:
Vinegar in canning water, tomato sauce, canning vegetable juice, blanching corn, etc.

73  The adventures of a first-time homesteader

74  Letters

74  Advertiser Index

75  The Last Word:
A universal “concealed carry” permit

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8  Bugging out in place
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

15  Prioritizing preparedness when money is tight
By Patrice Lewis

24  10 foods to forage in winter
By Ellen Zachos

34  How to make a straw mattress
By Destiny Hagest


21  Make a custom-sized board
By R.E. Rawlinson

43  Build a stove pipe wood stove
By Robert Van Putten

61  Build a wood-fired water heater
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson


30  Grid-down battery devices
By Jeffrey R. Yago P.E., CEM

47  Comparing heating fuel costs
By Truck Johnson

Food and recipes

56  Arab soups and stews for cold winter days
By Habeeb Salloum

Farm and garden

38  Processing chicken for farmers’ markets
By Allen Easterly

64  Prune your apple tree
By Tim Scullen

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