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Backwoods Home Magazine: The Eleventh Year Anthology


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This print anthology offers one full year of BHM’s informative articles bound into an easy-to-read book.

Contains articles from 2000 (Issues 61-66).

Articles include:
– Keeping poison ivy under control
– Indian pear trees
– Electricity from the wind
– Propagate your plants
– Dealing with ticks
– Good garden bugs
– Armed and female
– Build a large-capacity dehydrator
– Use “wattle and daub” methods
– Grow your own celery
– Finding the best dog for the country life
– Solar water pumping basics
– Nutrition and a vegetarian diet
– Making natural dogfood
– Integrated PV/roofing
– Radiant floor heating
– Storing tender bulbs
– A passive solar-heated tower house
– Homeschooling through high school
– Making lye soap
– The coming American dictatorship
– Masonry stoves
– An easy-to-make pot rack
– Make your own insulated waterer
– Home canning safety tips
– 7 solar water heating system designs
… and more!

360 pages

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