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Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide: Volume One

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Section 1: The Threat
1) Preparing for disaster
2) Biological and chemical terrorism
3) Dark winter — A simulated terrorist attack on three American cities using weaponized smallpox
4) Nuclear terrorism

Section 2: Immediate preparation
5) Overview
6) Canned and dried storage foods
7) Long term storage foods
8) Seven mistakes of food storage
9) Start your food storage on $10 a week
10) Cooking from long-term food storage
11) Storing water for an emergency
12) Stay warm in emergencies, at home, outdoors, & in your car
13) The return of home emergency shelters takes on a dual-purpose approach
14) Storing LP gas, gasoline, diesel, and kerosene
15) What if the electricity goes off
16) Emergency power for $950
17) How do you live without electricity
18) Medical kits for emergencies
19) What to do when there’s no doctor
20) No dentist? Oh no!
21) Caring for wounds in the field
22) Smallpox vaccine
23) Emergency gear for your vehicle
24) Preparedness for travelers
25) Tools and hardware for the backwoods home
26) Sensible gun choices after September 11
27) Rifles, shotguns, and handguns for survival
28) What’s next? What can you do?

Section 3: Long-term preparation
29) A survival garden
30) Grow, grow, grow
31) Canning meats and vegetables at home — It’s not only easy, it’s safe and inexpensive

Along with the original book, which is now titled Volume One (288 pages), we’ve added four more books: Volume Two (224 pages), Volume Three (256 pages), Volume Four (270 pages), and Volume Five (271 pages). They contain more relevant and up-to-date information on the subjects covered in the original book.

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2 reviews for Emergency Preparedness and Survival Guide: Volume One

  1. Angel Dugan

    I have learned so much. I keep this one on the nightstand and refer to it often.

  2. Jennifer

    A good magazine to add to my homestead collection.

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