We were all having a blizzard this morning, but boy the plants are sure growing! — 3 Comments

  1. Jackie,

    I believe your readers would be willing to pay up front for your book to be published. Maybe Dave Duffy would be willing to take a chance on publishing your book. I know many many people who would want to buy it. Especially me! I know you aren’t much for computers, but I published my own homesteading book by making it into a eBook and then the buyers have to print it out from their own computers. Even had a celebrity buy it!

  2. Hi, Jackie:
    We moved from the Bemidji area to Littlefork, MN last October. We’ll be pretty much starting over for gardens, fruit trees, etc., but we love it up here. And what we did once, we can do again.
    Enjoy reading your blog and your articles in BHM.


  3. Jackie,

    I really hope you are able to find a publisher. I like to read things online but would much rather have a book to carry around with me and take notes on for reference. If it does come through I will definitely be one of the first to purchase!