Velvet’s triplet does are getting big now — 4 Comments

  1. Very good idea, Howard! I can think of tons of other uses for those crates, too. I’ll check out the stores when we go to town next time.


  2. I saw the question on stacking jars and thought I’d comment. Every year when the college kids start heading off to school, many of the discount stores offer stacking file crates at reasonable prices. They’re light and strong, and cost anywhere from $1.50-$3.00 apiece. The regular ones hold 9 quart jars each, or you can stack 18 pints in them. I cut squares from leftover 1/4 inch siding backer board to line the bottoms, and also to cover the quarts and put between the stacked pints.
    We buy a few each year, and they’re great for keeping full jars, and for storing the empties. No more damp, musty, and mouldy cardboard boxes for us!

  3. That is too funny!! Training them early… I like that!

    Love your blog (love the mag too) I think you are terrific building your homestead, taking care of your son and mother… you are an inspiration! But then, you knew that already!! LOL

    Your house looks fabulous and I know you will enjoy the new living room. I would love to see pictures of your pantry with all your canned goods. It always looks so beautiful and colorful. I find that very motivational, don’t you? (oops, that was a question!)