My long awaited apple fell off the tree and the goats ate it! — 15 Comments

  1. Cheers… Yet another beneficial posting, that’s exactly why I return to your weblog generally.

  2. Jackie,

    You are such a kind and sweet lady! I would love a few of your Hopi Pale Grey seeds.

    My husband is Active Duty Army (due to retire in a few months). And I have never been lucky enough to have the garden of me dreams …until now. We live in the country of a small town many, many miles away from the very small army arsenal my husband is stationed at (they have more than doubled the military here and now there is almost 200 soldiers – yes two hundred). I have two summers under my belt now and hope to keep doing it better. I have looked up the issue where you share all your seed sources and hope to get more heirlooms – thanks for the first!

    A huge fan,

    Dawn Norcross
    546 N 1300th Ave
    Orion, IL

  3. When I was reading my past issues of Backwoods Home, there have been several times when someone was asking about a source for canned bacon. I found one quite by accident. They are called Best Prices, They have a wide variety of foods from meat, to veggies and fruits, to grains, to diatomaceous earth and so much more.

    I believe in bringing in the positive, but you also have to be prepared for anything. There are so many types of disasters that can catch a person off guard from weather to fires to floods to losing your job. The list goes on and on. To keep a year’s supply of food for just my husband and I is easy. But if there ever was an emergency that affected our area, we are a close family, so our four grown children and their families and probably lots of extended family would come home. We are lucky. We have a place in the country with wells, plenty of room for a big garden, our animals and of course lots of wildlife. If disaster does ever strike, we could survive quite comfortably. With stores on line like Best Prices, it makes it easier to relax and not worry about the future.

  4. Thank you! I appreciate that!
    My address is
    Howard Tuckey
    64 Watts Road
    Lisle, NY 13797

    I will definitely share the seed with friends and family. I can also plant them at least 100′ away from other winter squash and pumpkins. Would that be sufficient? If not, I can forego planting the other stuff for a year or two.
    Thanks again!
    ps — how can I help with the postage?

  5. What a beautiful apple! I understand your pain of losing it – I have to keep a very watchful eye on my lab. I have seen him dig sweet potatoes out of the ground and pull the very cucumber I’d been eyeing for lunch right off the vine. Honestly, that dog will eat anything I grow in the garden- whether I want him to or not!

  6. Jackie,

    Know how you feel. We have a peach tree sapling that’s just barely taller than I am, and it shouldn’t be alive as it had been girded by both rabbits and deer. But on one branch, it had 5 small peaches. I was so disappointed when they never got large enough, but that branch finally gave up the ghost, and the small fruit shriveled. We hadn’t noticed that on the other branch that looked dead, there was another peach, and it just kept growing. I kept checking it daily for ripeness, but the deer managed to get to it before I could. (Or at least, my husband swears the deer ate it.)

  7. I’ve had pretty good luck with Mayo Blusher squash. They’re available from Native Seeds/SEARCH in Arizona.


  8. I keep reading about those Hopi Pale Grey, is there a smaller variety with similar keeping powers? I have bad shoulders, and I’d rather not grow anything I can’t lift. Right now my limit is 5 pounds or under.

    (I sometimes joke that I have the upper-body strength of a 4 year old. Sometimes its not a joke. But I’m building my own homestead anyway, its just a little slower than some.)

  9. Jackie,

    Thanks for the quick answer! I do not have any living family that still cans. Most of the generation I grew up with moved away from the rual area of Rock Hall went into the cities or joined the military. So I am going to put out a feeler for members of my church and see if anyone knows and can show me how to get started. One thing I am starting is buying jars at the grocery store every two weeks so that by the time the garden is spewing out food I will have plently. I hope. I did make jelly this summer and it was so good. told friends to bring the jars back so i can make them more next year!

    Will let you know how it goes.



  10. Hi Jackie… Thank you so much!!

    My address is :
    Shannan Sweeney
    21 Hemlock Lane
    Ocala, Fl 34472

    Is there anything in Central Florida that you would like to have?
    Thanks again,

  11. So sorry about your apple! It sure was pretty before it’s demise. I have been reading your little book Starting Over that I just got free with my subscription–THANK YOU for your inspiring story! I am in the process of putting down some earnest money on a small piece of land with an older mobile home on it. We hope to build our own house there. We had wanted to buy it outright with cash–but are going to end up with just a small mortgage– far less than we pay now in rent. Its only an acre–but I think its like a ticket to freedom. Can’t wait to get started! Your story put an end to alot of my ‘fears’ about the ‘what ifs’ that can happen when you take on a challenge. Thank you! I have seen that with determination and a forward looking attitude– anything can be accomplished. You really made a difference in my life with that book. :)

  12. Shannan Sweeney and others,

    If you’d like Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds, I need your address. There’s no cost if this stays within reason (can’t do 1,000 requests!). I just need addresses.


  13. Jackie,
    We would love to have a few Hopi Grey Seeds… wouldn’t mind paying something to cover whatever cost you think is fair. Is this possible? Thanks

  14. So sorry about your apple! I know how it feels since one of my dogs is crazy for apples and has been caught picking them off the (very short) tree! I think I will put a wire cage around it next year to keep her away!

    But at least you know it will produce, so there is always next year!!