Another video and lots of questions — 3 Comments

  1. Loved this video. Jackie, you really live in THE WOODS! Beautiful. Lady Hawk looks like a princess trotting around. Stay warm!

  2. Nancy,

    When you can pumpkin or squash in chunks, just drain it and press it through a sieve or a food mill. The puree is nice and smooth with no strings or bubbles. I use my Victorio tomato strainer that I use to make tomato puree. Works great.


  3. I froze some pumpkin with the spices in for pumpkin pie several years ago and while it was very good it was stringy. How do I get it smooth like comes out of the can and still taste homemade? And because I do not like to use the freezer for much, if I can it in chunks, again, how do you get the strings out of it and smooth with out the bubbles left by a blender? I tried that also. Lots of bubbles…