April fool on us; we got a foot of snow — 4 Comments

  1. Both the Wal-Marts and the Sam’s Clubs in my area told me that they have been instructed to send the buckets back for “recycling”. I suggest trying the smaller stores/bakeries that are not chains.

  2. I just called the company that makes Home Depot’s buckets, and they do NOT consider them food safe! If you’re going to be storing food in 5 gal buckets, try your grocery store as has been suggested (although I’ve had no luck in my area) or buy food grade buckets online.
    FYI, the Costco in my area has been specifically told to NOT let people have their used frosting/food buckets, and the store itself cannot even reuse them! They have to BUY the buckets the store uses! Crazy!

  3. Hi Jackie! Thought I would mention that I get my 5 gallon buckets from our SuperWalmart bakery for $1.00 each. The buckets are great with strong handles and gaskets in the lids. This isn’t something they advertise but if you ask they are (usually) happy to get them for you!

  4. For Angela, my vote would be Liberty. It’s a cross between Macintosh and Granny Smith, which, in my opinion, are the two best apples ever created. One additional bonus is that it is disease resistant.