I spent the afternoon sorting and storing our huge potato crop — 6 Comments

  1. Glad things are going better Jackie.

    And WOW, that is some potato crop. We had another disappointing year (our 2nd) with the potatoes- how many plants did it take to yield that quantity?

    Regards, & thanks…

  2. Happy to see a good harvest. I lost all of mine this summer to the plague of grasshoppers that we had in Wyoming this year. Nothing was spared except the lettuce, a few herbs and the tomatos. As we say, always next year. Take care and thanks for the infomation you share.

  3. Wow! What a great bounty of potatos. Good for you! Glad to hear ya’ll are getting better, and send prayers and good wishes for your Mom.

  4. Gorgeous potatoes, Jackie! Glad you persevered with that second planting, and that everybody’s doing a little better.

  5. Jackie,
    Glad things are going well in your end of the country. Good news about the potatoes. It is amazing what will grow. Imagine if you had just given up on planting anything because of the freezes or poor weather. You are truly an inspiration to everyone.

  6. Do you have any Jeruselem Artichokes? I hear you can cook them up in milk and eat like a potatoe as a potatoe replacement. Guess anabaptists do this in pennsylvania I think it was…I have heard they are very good for those with diabetes and are a beautiful cut flower I use to decorate my table. Related to the Sunflower… I saute them with oil and rosemary and balsamic vinegar over rice… I have such a difficult time with potatoes.. I use these tubers as an emergency back up.