Mom’s not doing well, but my plants are cheering us up — 21 Comments

  1. In response to the use of propane turkey cooker for canning. We use ours to heat large batches of vegies prior to presure canning. Also have used it for waterbath canning. I’m not sure it would work for pressure canning because you may not be able to get the heat low enough. Love your new canning book. My husband, Harold and I refer to it constantly. Our motto is “get all you can and can all you get”. We have such fun working together. Harold said the other day how he would like to sit talk with you over a cup of coffee. We don’t sit much however, we both are fortunate enough to have full time jobs, maintain a large garden and have 73 chickens. Most days our shirt tail never hits our backsides. Keep up the good work. May God keep you close.

  2. Jackie, both you and your family are a guiding light to me at times. When I think I don’t know if I can go on with taking care of my mom, I think of you in the backwoods, and know I can. My prayers are with you, and your family at this time. My you feel the warmth and love that we all feel towards you.

  3. Prayers to you and your mom. Being a caregiver is hard. Please take care of yourself too!

  4. Bless you and yours, Jackie!!! Keep us posted, and we’ll keep you in our prayers.

  5. Jackie,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. My dear Mother lived with us for a couple of months and passed away last Friday. I am so grateful for the time that I was able to spend with her. She, like your Mother, has taught me so much about living a good life.
    I hope that your Mother will soon be feeling better so that she can enjoy another spring with you.

  6. When the weather gets cold and damp here in Maine, we put old sweatshirts, with the sleeves cut off, on our goats to keep them warm.

  7. I cheat and just use a small canner on the glass top stove. I figured if it can handle a 3 gallon stock pot without cracking, it can handle a 5-quart pressure canner.

  8. Jackie, I’m sending positive healing thoughts to you and your mother…

  9. You CAN use a turkey fryer for canning. Just make sure of how much propane you have before starting. We ran out once and had to start over, no biggy really just a pain when the clock is ticking. We use our canner that fits the best on it. We have one that is a little to small and it will cock over to one side we feel it would be to unstable when full. When useing it keep it out of the wind it will heat up fast &stay there better.
    We got one of those dumb glass top stove. Look pretty, but crap for folks like us. It tells you not to do any type of canning on the unit do to the top may crack or shatter. Ther is a gizmo that you can buy to use on them for canning, but you have to find it then there pricey. We have used an old heat dispurser on the stove it worked so-so.

  10. I am very sorry to hear your mom is not doing well, and know this is very difficult for all of you. I will be keeping you all in my prayers. Your plants look beautiful!

  11. I’ve used a turkey fryer base for canning for two years now with great success. The only issues I’ve run into are watching out for drafts and the resulting cracked jars, and boiling over of the canner (waterbath) as that sucker really gets going from the fryer burner if you don’t keep an eye on it! I bought my fryer just for canning, as I have a brand new smooth top stove that I really didn’t want to crack canning. I’ve found that the huge stock pot that the kit comes with works great for boiling up ears of corn and apples for canning as well. I have not tried pressure canning on the burner yet.

  12. Please know that we are all thinking of you and praying for you as you tend to your mama! I know personally how draining it can be emotionally and physically—because this IS your mama so it hurts doubly so! suzy a/k/a bamasuzy

  13. I’m so sorry your Mom isn’t doing well at the moment. Let her know that the blogosphere is thinking of her and pulling for her!