Spring on the homestead continues — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve carried cheese on backpacking trips without problems. No dehydrating needed. I think the longest stretch was 7 days thru the Smokies, otherwise it was for 4-5 day sections and it tasted fine on the last day so should have lasted longer.

    Trail gossip says that the sharper the cheese, the better it carries; and it seemed to hold true for me. I just bought an extra sharp cheddar ( kraft usually ) from the local grocery. wrapped several paper towels around the plastic it came in ( as insulation ) put that in another quart sized ziplock and buried it in the middle of my food sack, which I then buried in the middle of my pack. If its really hot out, it can get a bit ‘weapy’, but then I’d just stick the ziplock in a cool spring for a bit during a break and it solidified right back up.
    I’ve backpacked with cheese during July in the mid-atlantic appalachians — it doesn’t get much hotter / humid than that! ;-) course, then I added the detachable down hood of my winter sleeping bag to the insulation layer……

  2. I have dehydrated cheddar cheese, but for only short periods of time for things like camping trips. Other cheeses are too soft and mess up the trays. My trick is to put the cheese on making sure nothing else is below them on the trays. I check after about 30 minutes, taking them off the tray, pressing onto a paper towel and flipping them when putting them back on the tray. I dehydrate until crisp and put in a ziplock for easy travel. Yes they are a little greasy and I haven’t kept them for more than about 2 weeks but I kinda like the flavor of them – similar to a cheese cracker. I have not tried rehydrating them, however.

  3. Somehow my computer doesn’t show a way to respond to someone’s question…don’t see any blue or red comment to click on…anyhow, a reader asked about a cheap place to get canning jar lids. They might try They have all sizes of lids at a very very good price; also any type of jar you might like. We bought a case of regular and widemouth lids a couple of years ago–these are Ball or Kerr lids; not some no name. DEE

  4. I bought case lots of canning jar lids from:

    Shetler’s Wholesale Company
    10111S 450E
    Geneva, Indiana 46740-9114

    These are Old Order Mennonite or Amish folks and have no website. Request their catalog. I have dealt with them for years and have always been very pleased. Lots of great stuff.

  5. Lehman’s is carrying bulk canning lids in their new Summer catolog. I think they’re 288 to a pack of small lids and 245 of the large. Check the website to be sure of the amounts and price.