The pin cherries are ripe — 1 Comment

  1. Hi, Jackie. I wanted to add a little more advice about guineas for Deanna. My friends who have them have found that these birds are still very wild, as opposed to chickens who seem quite used to living closely with humans. The guineas do not like to brood anywhere near humans, usually brooding as far out in the fields or woods as they can and then taking the keets far afield, away from the farm. Unfortunately, most of us live in areas with a lot of natural predators, and so many of the keets do not make it. They have all had a lot of trouble increasing their flocks the ‘normal’ way because of this. My friends find that the really have to remove the keets from the new mother so that they can have even a few survive. Chickens in general don’t behave that wildly. And I’ll underscore Jackie’s comment about noisy. I don’t have any guineas because we only have 2 1/2 acres; not enough room for them and us! I was once at my friend’s place and was near a large bush. The noise from the other side was deafening. I went around the bush to see how many guineas were there: two. So, while this friend in particular likes her guineas, I’ve learned from watching her issues with them that I wouldn’t personally want any unless I had at least 5 acres.