Will and I took an afternoon off…to visit the bears — 4 Comments

  1. My new jars ping too! It was freaking me out one day. I had to go over and stand by the jars until one finally pingged just so I would know for SURE where the pings were coming from. Ha ha … boy I felt silly. :-)

  2. Nancy,

    Although you aren’t saving a ton of money, you can sometimes find #10 cans of tomato sauce or pastewg very cheap. When I do, I often either re=can it or more often, mix tomato paste with salsa or tomato sauce I’m canning to thicken it, and thus save the time of boiling it down so much. Good luck with the almonds.


  3. Sorry to hear about your killing frost. Good luck as you save as much as possible. (It was 89 degrees here today, and I am planting broccoli tomorrow.) Blessings.

  4. Why dosen’t the lady who wants to recan tomato sauce go to Aldies and just get small cans of tomato sauce? I have been to many fairs this summer so did not have a garden but use lots of tomato sauce, and some paste, so just go to buy in very small inexpensive cans. I have canned my own sauce and loved it but just will not have time untill I quit Almonds. That may not be for a while. I would like to find some one to live in my house to care for house, horses and garden. Also dogs, cats and calves. Then I could have a garden to can.