When you live in the backwoods, you live by the weather — 5 Comments

  1. Zelda,

    I’m working on that article right now. I’m not sure when it’ll appear in the magazine, as it all depends on how things work out for article placement in the magazine. I’m sure it won’t be too long, however.

  2. Machine conspiracies LOL….what a way to start out the new year, but that’s how it is when you take care of yourself(ves) out in the ruralness……

    I’m late saying Happy New Year to you (and your family) Jackie….(and after reading that I hope I’m not hearing a snicker now, LOL)…..May the rest of the year go more smoothly!

  3. Another great resource for seed saving:
    ‘Growing Garden Seeds’ by Rob Johnston, Jr.
    available from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Winslow, Maine 04901
    “Johnny’s own manual on saving vegetable seed.
    15 fundamentals of seed growing with instructions on pollination, culture for seed, harvest, cleaning, and more. Softcover, 32 pp. $2.95 + s&h”

  4. Jackie, if you are reading this, in response to one of your previous blogs and a post from a reader, several of us expressed interest in an article or a blog post about how to cope with stress, fatigue, exhaustion, demands and burn out from the perception of an endless pile of homestead work to be done and an endless list of homestead needs to be met. I think you mentioned the possibility of a BHM future article. After reading this post, it seems like a good time to ask if there will be an article, and when it might be published.

  5. Hey Jackie, if you’re reading this, do a search online for morel mushroom kits. I didn’t know they made them until I read this, so I just now searched for them, and found them for as low as $30, which sounds pretty reasonable for morels to me! Hope this helps.