While Will stacks up more firewood, I’m doing photo shoots for the recipe book — 8 Comments

  1. I love your old bathtub. Wish I lived closer to you. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Love your cabin. Its beautiful. I bought your canning book and loved it so much I bought one for my neighbor. She loves it too.

  2. Thanks for such a prompt reply to my question Jackie! I will for sure be asking for all the bones and fat. You are such a wealth of information, you will never how many lives you have impacted and blessed.

  3. “Poor Will…. the abuse that man takes. Being made to taste all of those goodies.”

    Hahaha @ Karen, too funny…we should all have that problem! Everything looks so good. What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend some time with Jackie learning and the little nuances that you just can’t put into words. They say an education is a priceless gift, thanks Jackie for educating us all and enriching our lives.

  4. I am a total newbie to canning and storing, however, my Grandma use to have a garden and can just about everything…I was just to little back then to properly learn and remember any of it….

    She use to use pretzel cans, really big tins, for a lot of her storing…..When I began to research the “how to’s” I noticed all the schmancy (as CBP puts it, LOL) stuff suggested now a days – I know that my Grandma never had any of that around, and I’m sure in a bad situation of the future those would be impossible to replenish…..So, thank you for taking away that worry (of needing or having), that was great to hear (and confirm)….

  5. I’m running around looking for food grade buckets, mylar, O2 absorbers — and then a little bit ago I read that you used popcorn tins and lined trash cans. . . and I said

    “Self, I’ll bet she doesn’t use all that schmancy mylar stuff either.”

    Smack goes the hand to the forehead!! I think I’ll just go with your tried and true methods.

    And I can’t wait for the new recipe book!!!

  6. I have cooked down venison bones before. Got enough meat to make some nice batches of chili.

  7. Poor Will…. the abuse that man takes. Being made to taste all of those goodies.

  8. A few days ago I found a website called Homestead acres. That is the first time I heard about cooking bones down for broth. We are having two steers butchered in the next month or so and I will be getting the bones back with the meat. What a great idea that is and why should I have to be told that. The only time I have not lived on a farm and raised our our meat is when I lived in a covered wagon. Some one from that site said she goes and gets the deer bones and makes broth and also is able to get enough meat from them to have a nice amount of meat in jars also. All for free. Food in jars in my basement, what a wonderful feeling..