Q and A: moving chicks outside, meat grinder, and condensation in canned pecans — 3 Comments

  1. We went to Lowe’s yesterday and picked up a Waring Pro 105. We considered a larger model but for what we needed and what budget allowed the Waring met our needs. It was much nicer to feed the meat through the grinder without cranking and we are very happy to have it. I have a few manual grinders that will still be around but this will be my go to grinder!

  2. After hand grinding for years I bought a 1hp grinder from Cabelas because I had also bought an older cow to butcher and was making a lot of burger. We’re really happy with the larger grinder.(we had tried a small electric grinders years ago and it was slower than the hand grinder) I ground about 60# of Caribou this fall and it almost took me longer to clean it up than run the meat. Cabelas usually has good customer service and I’m not sure many local vendors keep a supply of seldom needed parts on hand.

  3. I bought a cabella grinder from Cabellas. The grinder worked beautifuly untill this year when the blade hit a bullet someone misses when cleaning a deer. The bolt sheared off (that is what is was designed to do to prevent the grinder from being destroyed ) . We ordered a new bolt ( only available through Cabellas ). This happened before Thanksgiving. When we ordered the part they said it would take 2 weeks to get it, we are still waiting. When you buy your new grinder ask about part availability.