Q and A: canning sauerkraut, fish antibiotics, and heating canned meat before use — 4 Comments

  1. Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy Alton, authors in BHM, have a website ( where they explain using fish antibiotics among other useful topics.

  2. As an RN of 22 years,I have seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to taking antibiotics..It used to be a common practice to give antibiotics for childrens ear infections and if nasal mucus had yellow or green coloration to it…Npw you almost have to beg to get an antibiotic for a bacterial infection because the Dr.’s are afraid to do their jobs..Even when experienced nurses try to “teach ” these younger Dr.s they still are scared…Sometimes seeing how antibiotics can significantly change the quality of life and shorten the time to full recovery takes time and experience..Find a good older Dr. who has seen everything and can diagnose by sight and smell.They can and will prescribe antibiotics as needed..Yes take the full dose to stop the resistance that we have seen in the past..Praying that we will never have to resort to taking animal meds,but I will if I need too…

  3. One very important thing to remember about antibiotics is this: ANTIBIOTICS *DO NOT* WORK ON ILLNESSES CAUSED BY A VIRUS. Think colds, and the flu which are the most common.

    People often when they have either of those flock to their care provider and demand an antibiotic. And they get irate if their physician does the right thing and says “no”.

    Prescribing an antibiotic for a virus caused illness is actually malpractice.

    Another problem with taking antibiotics is that often people stop taking them when they feel better instead of finishing the amount prescribed. This is one of the reasons why bacteria is becoming resistant to antibiotics.

    We are running out of antibiotics to treat diseases because they have become immune faster than new ones can be developed.

  4. The antibiotic most folks get is Fish Mox Forte and it can be purchased from amazon as well. It is amoxicillin. There are many articles on the web about using fish antibiotics.