Q and A: salt curing meat and canning meat loaf — 1 Comment

  1. Janice and Miss Jackie ! How fortunate for me ! I just canned ground beef and Jackie’s recipe meatballs in tomato sauce this morning, and grease leaked out and I came in to do a search for info from Jackie. There’s also some congealed grease above the ground meat ( in the jar) and some of the tomato sauce leaked out, but very little. All jars sealed fine except one. We’re just going to eat that jar in sloppy Joe’s tonight ! I’m so glad y’all posted this today !
    And Miss Janice, the meatballs are just like mini meatloaves. You’ll love them !
    I’m guessing it would be best not to wash the jars until they have sat for a while and are completely cool and set….is this correct ? It’s what I do every time the jars get messy.